Tuesday 13th April 2021,
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Get Up and Dance Tonight

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It’s a Monday night, but that’s no reason not to get up and dance. Single, married, dating, with kids or without, crank up some music and dance around your house. Dancing, whether we have rhythm or not, is a great way to boost our heart rate, lift our spirits, and connect with ourselves through movement. A good dance will also improve our flexibility, endurance, and strength. Plus, it’s fun! Fun and play is essential.

Music is also another energy booster. Listening to music is also healing, connects us to our source, helps control our breathing and heart rate. Pleasing music relaxes us, has even been shown to reduce anxiety. Yes, turning on tunes is a stress reliever. Music with a strong beat stimulates brain waves, and faster beats are said to bring sharper concentration. Music also helps with our immune system, muscles tension, and even has been shown to lower blood pressure.

So, let loose, release your mind, and have some fun tonight – it will feel fantastic and benefit your body inside and out.

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