Hello, Inspirista!

My name is Jennifer Tuma-Young, and I am the founder of Inspirista LifeStyle Design. I came up with the term "Inspirista" one day when I was speaking with a friend. She mentioned the word fashionista, and my immediate reply was, "I don't know- I think I'd rather be an inspirista!" Then I sat down with my trusty notebook and pen and defined what that meant.

The Inspirista Philosophy

The Inspirista philosophy is simple: life is a gift and to love it, we must live with spirit and in spirit. I am all about empowering women, and bringing out our inner whimsy by cultivating our creativity and imagination. Inside each of us, there is a *SPARK*, a *BOUNCE*, and a *SOAR*. When we tap back into these innate qualities, we live with passion, are resilient and flexible through life's challenges, and we set goals, visualize, so we become the woman we were each born to be.

The Inspirista Mission

The Inspirista Mission is to assist women to be the most vibrant version of themselves possible. We believe in living by the spirit, we are all connected through humanity, everything is born from love or a longing for love -- everyone has a story, practicing kindness towards ourselves and others, releasing all judgment of self and others, and discovering the beauty in every moment. We believe everyone has unique gifts, living a life of service is essential -- in serving others with our time, talent, and through tithing. We believe you have to first love and accept yourself (no strings attached!) in order to nurture yourself, fun and play is essential, and you can create anything you want for your life, & have a blast doing it!

What is an Inspirista?

You may think that ‘Inspirista’ is a name I gave myself – don’t worry, many people think that, too! BUT, it’s NOT!! I am amazed and inspired by so many women, ‘Inspirista’ is my name for YOU!

An Inspirista is a woman who has a positive attitude, an inner glow, a contagious energy that makes you want to smile. An Inspirista takes challenges with stride, trusts in the lessons unfolding, and lives each day knowing it is a gift from God.

An Inspirista doesn’t allow a failure to hold her back, or a risk to scare her off. An Inspirista turns failure into her own success; her test becomes her testimony.

An Inspirista inspires people to live with love, follow their passions, and serves the world by using her unique gifts to help others.

A Fashionista is ok, but an Inspirista has style from the inside-out!!!


My No-Judgment Guarantee!!

I want to make something crystal clear right off the bat. In the past when I’ve read anything about diet, self-help, and/or inspirational books or blogs, I’ve sometimes felt judged by the author. In most cases, that probably wasn’t the author’s intent, but with my self-esteem at an all-time low as I was reading, I pretty much thought everyone was judging me. Believe me, many women feel that way.

But I don’t want this website to make you feel judged. That’s why it comes with a no-judgment guarantee:

I do not think you need to lose weight. I do not think you are lazy. I do not think your life is a mess. I do not think you are ridiculous or emotional. I think you are perfect just as you are. You are beautiful inside and out. You are capable of more than you know, and you have everything you need within you to create exactly what you want for your life. You are a complete, whole, capable, resourceful woman.

I have been every size, from 4 to 44, and then some. I am far from perfect, and my intent with this blog and website is not to make you think that I have the magic formula for you to lose weight or for anything for that matter. Nor is it to hypnotize you into believing that once you lose weight or “get somewhere” you will be more of a person. On the contrary, you already have all the answers you are looking for within YOU. I believe you have everything you need to be happy, healthy, vibrant, and alive in this moment, regardless of your shape, size, credit score, or list of past mistakes.

If your balance between life and the scale is making you less than happy, that’s where I come in. I can help you find the balance you crave within you NOW, so you can live the life of your dreams. I am thrilled that you decided to take some time out of your life to read this blog.