Wednesday 03rd March 2021,
Inspired Girl

Our Mission ‘n Philiosophy

The Inspired Girl Philosophy

The Inspired Girl philosophy is simple: life is a gift and to love it, we must live with spirit and in spirit. God is so good.

We believe every woman is a creative genius in her own unique way, and we believe in bringing out our inner whimsy by cultivating our creativity and imagination.

We believe lemons happen, and we can learn from them. We can help others by sharing our most vulnerable selves. We need one another whether we are on a mountaintop or in a valley.

We believe grace is a beautiful gift – grace saves us and loves us unconditionally.

Inside each of us, there is a *SPARK*, a *BOUNCE*, and a *SOAR*. When we tap back into these innate qualities, we live with passion, are resilient and flexible through life’s challenges, and we set goals, visualize, so we become the magnificently made woman we were each born to be.

We believe in living by the spirit, we are all connected through humanity, everything is born from love or a longing for love — everyone has a story, practicing kindness towards ourselves and others, releasing all judgment of self and others, and discovering the beauty in every moment.

We believe everyone has unique gifts, living a life of service is essential — in serving others with our time, talent, and through tithing.

We believe you have to first love and accept yourself (no strings attached!) as a magnificently made, born for a purpose, and capable of much more than you know human being. We also believe fun and play is essential, and with God all things are possible!!

The Inspired Girl Mission

The Inspired Girl Mission is to shine a light on one another, help each other, and remind each other of the magnificently made human being we were each born to be.