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3 Techniques to Begin Practicing Being Present

Being present is one that often stirs a lot of questions. It sounds "good in theory", but how can one actually "be present". I remember asking this once to a very "Zen" teacher in a class I was taking , [...]

April 11, 2017 Balance, Blog Posts, Find Balance Featured

Fast Cars and a Yoga Teacher

On Thursday my Little Man and I dropped the hubby off at work, and then decided to relish the beautiful weather by driving with the windows down, sunroof open, and music loud {yes, we both love listening to Star 99.1}. [...]

April 27, 2013 Balance, Blog Posts, Feel Grace, Find Balance Featured

The Cracked Pot Shines the Most Light

In a world where we can airbrush away our physical flaws with the click of a button,  or we can virtually create a persona of “having it all”, it’s kind of ironic that the facade of perfection actually holds us [...]

April 6, 2011 Blog Posts, Diaries, Feel Grace, Life, Love Thyself Featured, Self-Love

A Cold Air Wake Up Call: Why Brain Dumping Works for Me

All I can say is “BRRRR” right about now- it’s been really cold! I actually love the chill in the air, it’s refreshing. And, it flat-out smacked me in the face yesterday. Let me explain: We were rushing around trying [...]

December 16, 2010 Blog Posts, My Life

Change, Happiness, Hope, Dreams

We had such a beautiful weekend at Kenmare School in Jersey City. The weather was divine, the leaves starting to turn to orange and brown. I think it’s the change of seasons that signals us to take a look at [...]

October 21, 2010 Blog Posts, Dream Big, Life, Soar

The Reason: Connecting the Dots

A few months ago, a team of people from Oprah Winfrey’s Network (OWN) came to New Jersey searching for the next TV star for their “OWN” show. With a lot of coordination and support from family and friends, I spent [...]

October 18, 2010 Blog Posts, Bounce, Feel Grace, Life, My Life

3 Things for Tuesday

Live: Adding chicken meatballs to the escarole soup from Sunday. Eating it on the porch while watching the rain and waiting for the family to return from their shopping trip. Love: LuLu and Little Man’s excitement for Halloween. They bought [...]

October 5, 2010 3 Things, Blog Posts, My Life

Mixed Messages Holding You Back?

Here are 2 mindset shifts that can catapult us from “dreaming” about doing something to “being” the person we were born to be. *See Yourself as You Want to Be- Now We live up to the expectations and the image [...]

September 16, 2010 Blog Posts, Dream Big, Life, Soar
Embrace Rain in a Warm Milk Bath

Embrace Rain in a Warm Milk Bath

It is raining today. LuLu, Little Man, and I are on our front porch just watching it fall. The kids are calmer on the porch when it rains – it relaxes their energetic little bodies. And, it is such a [...]

August 24, 2010 Blog Posts, DIY Fun, Life, Self-Love
Crate Supplies

4 Tips For a Relaxing Space

Since the world has become so fast paced, it’s nice to come home to a relaxing, pleasing space. Calmer energy, a sense of “presence”, and balance can easily begin there, just by creating your ideal living space to fit your [...]

August 24, 2010 Balance, Blog Posts, Style