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We had such a beautiful weekend at Kenmare School in Jersey City. The weather was divine, the leaves starting to turn to orange and brown. I think it’s the change of seasons that signals us to take a look at our lives, and figure out where we want to create some change of our own.

The topic came up when I was speaking with a woman who felt like she had no control over her life. She told me she desperately wants to make changes, but feels a little hopeless. She wants to be happier. She contemplated moving again, but doesn’t really think that is the answer.

Here are some of the things we discussed:

1. Take Time to Listen: Often we pray, ask for what we want. Prayer is speaking to God, meditation is listening. Taking time to clear our mind and just “listen” can often provide us with peace of mind, solace, inspiration, and answers we never could think of with a busy “chatting” mind. And even just minutes of meditation go a long way.

Most of us can find a minute here or there to clear our minds. We can close our eyes in the shower, or even while parked in a parking lot, waiting at the train station or traffic light, and just breathe. Plus, a clear, uncluttered mind can help us identify our passion and purpose, so picture a white light and focus.

2. Inject Passion into Everything, Relish Simplicity: I think the most important thing is to feel like we are LIVING, not just existing and going through the motions. Whatever we do, we must do it with passion. Look at the wonders of the world- they are all around us, from the engineering of highways, to the beautiful imperfections of nature, to the sound of a child’s first words, the smell of fresh baked bread. Enjoy the simplest pleasures in life.

3. Be Fearless to Move Forward: I know many people who feel they’ve lost control and are completely imbalanced, but fear keeps them at status quo. If we want to move forward, we must believe in ourselves, hold strong to our faith, and surrender fear. Fear can be debilitating, because it blocks us from taking inspired risks. Where there is faith fear cannot exist.

4. No Success is too Small: One of my favorite quotes is “What if success was just getting the wash into the dryer before mildew sets in?” This is success for some of us, and we should recognize even the smallest of achievements. If we feel like we can’t do anything right, our minds begin to race, negative energy sets in. This cluttered thinking causes us to continually spin our wheels but go nowhere. Alternatively, shift your mindset to one of success. Be proud of small successes to create a positive “snowball effect”- with one success leading into another and another and another.

5. We are Where We Should Be: We are each exactly where we should be in this moment. It’s a difficult concept to grasp, I know, but most people say “Everything happens for a reason.” We must truly believe that, and know that there is a magnificent purpose, lesson, opportunity for growth.  Somewhere along the line, what has happened has served in a larger way, a purpose in the grand scheme of life. And, remember, there must be darkness in order to appreciate the light.

6. Be the Person You Were Born to Be: We are each born with unique talents and gifts. We have a purpose, that we can consider ‘living a dream’. But, often we stifle the dream in our mind because we think it is impossible. Instead of pushing that vision down and away, open it up. Picture it clearly. Unleash your imagination onto paper, speak your dream aloud, share your dream with others, and align every action with your vision. Don’t let anything stand in between you and the person you were born to be.

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