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New Magnets and Dreaming Big for the Delivery Mobile

New Magnets and Dreaming Big for the Delivery Mobile

You may know about our family business, The Domesticated Dad ~ we deliver fresh made {delicious} brown bag lunches to students, parents, teachers, businesses, families…you get my drift! Our delivery mobile got new magnets for a new school year!! We [...]

September 14, 2014 Blog Posts, Dream Big, My Life
Guess What I’m Making…

Guess What I’m Making…

PicMonkey for layout {free}, 10 cent prints from Walgreen’s, stick of glue from dollar store, super saver yarn {$4}, stickers from Target’s dollar spot, Kraft brown paper on hand, and words delivered to me through a song {Amen!} total under [...]

December 13, 2013 Blog Posts, DIY Fun

3 Things for Saturday

Live: Planning a surprise for someone!! I can’t say much, but doing something special for a completely deserving, totally unsuspecting someone is LIVING!!! Love: Creating play dough cakes with LuLu and the Little Man while watching Cake Boss and listening [...]

January 22, 2011 3 Things, Blog Posts, My Life

I Hope You Dance…a Tribute to the Original Inspirista, My Grandmother

Today is the 6 year anniversary of my grandmother’s passing. It feels like yesterday, yet it feels like a lifetime ago. My LuLu and Little Man and Niecey weren’t even with us yet, my husband and I were just friends [...]

January 12, 2011 Blog Posts, Feel Grace, My Life, Sing Along, Sing Along

My 30/30/30 Annual Inventory

Yesterday we had a family party. The Little Man (aka the Mayor) went up to everyone, shook hands, said hello. He ran around- up and down, back and forth chatting away.  And, LuLu, was such a “big girl”. She played [...]

October 25, 2010 Blog Posts, Life, My Life

3 Things for Tuesday

Live: Adding chicken meatballs to the escarole soup from Sunday. Eating it on the porch while watching the rain and waiting for the family to return from their shopping trip. Love: LuLu and Little Man’s excitement for Halloween. They bought [...]

October 5, 2010 3 Things, Blog Posts, My Life

Why I Love the Fall

Yesterday the air was cool. We all wore thermals, my husband lit a fire, I woke up and baked zucchini muffins, later in the day made escarole soup, and for dinner, we had a hearty vegetable stew. We sat on [...]

October 4, 2010 Blog Posts, Life, My Life, Spark
3 Things for Saturday

3 Things for Saturday

Live: Road tripping with my sister-in-law, my mom, and my cousin to go to a bridal shower in New York. Love: The reaction my kids had when I walked through the door after being gone all day. Lu ran right [...]

September 12, 2010 3 Things, Blog Posts, My Life
3 Things for Wednesday

3 Things for Wednesday

Live: Biking for 45 minutes around the neighborhood on a gorgeous day while Michael, the Man, and my mother-in-law went food shopping and LuLu was at her first day of pre-school. Love: The excitement in Lu leading up to her [...]

September 8, 2010 3 Things, Blog Posts, My Life
3 Things for Thursday

3 Things for Thursday

Live: Singing the first part of ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’ and LuLu and Little Man singing the part with the animal, then finishing in chorus “E-I-E-I-O”…and I know, we sing ALOT!! Love: Tim Gunn on Oprah. Enough said. Learn: [...]

September 2, 2010 3 Things, Blog Posts, My Life