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Send Joy Today

Today’s DIY Fun & Play post is all about sending joy by way of gratitude for the “little things”. Of course, after a party, it’s customary to send thank you notes, but think about all of the “little things” that [...]

May 4, 2012 Blog Posts, DIY Fun

Inspired to Bake with Cucina Measuring Cups

This pottery makes me want to whip out the cinnamon and bake up anything - muffins to deliver to the hospital, cookies to surprise the kids next store with, zucchini bread for the teachers at my daughter's school... [...]

May 3, 2012 Blog Posts, DIY Fun

Inspired by Cheery Rain Gear

Yesterday was particularly wet (it rained all morning!), and so today’s I am thinking all about embracing rainy days by having the right rain gear! I have to admit, I was definitely inspired to look for rain gear after seeing [...]

May 2, 2012 Blog Posts, Self-Love

Make Saturday Sweeter: Leave Behind Lolli-Flowers

When one of our incredible blog readers, Shalon, posted a comment about Kind Over Matter, I immediately went to their website. It was love at first sight. Shalon mentioned “Lolli-Flowers” that she read about on Kind Over Matter , and [...]

April 28, 2012 Blog Posts, DIY Fun, Style
Natural handmade soap, on wooden table, on green background

Saturday Play: How to Create a Spa-at-Home

This weekend, I decided I am going to take some time for at-home spa treatments – it’s been way too long! And besides, who doesn’t love a little pampering, right? Studies even suggest that spa treatments improve our health, well [...]

February 17, 2012 Blog Posts, DIY Fun, Self-Love

An Amazing 40 Cent Gelatin Hair Fix

“Women’s propensity to share is universal. We confirm our reality by sharing.” ~ Barbara Grizzuti Harrison I feel like a little girl who has something really amazing to share, so who better to share it with than my favorite blog [...]

September 28, 2011 Blog Posts, DIY Fun, Self-Love

Your Home is Your Haven: 10 Ways to Sparkle in Your Domain…

Your home should be your haven, your place of peace from the stress in the world around you.  Here are 10 simple & fun ways to add some “soul sparkle” to your domain… 1. Connect with nature. Being outdoors, having [...]

March 28, 2011 Balance, Blog Posts, DIY Fun, Life

Link to the Full 5-Part Holiday Gift Guide: View Online or Download

As I promised in my last post, the full 5-part gift guide (plus even more gifts, ideas, and tips!!) was published on LifeGloss. If you haven’t had a chance to read through all 5 posts, you can just flip through [...]

December 6, 2010 Blog Posts, Style

Do You Give Yourself the "Permission" to Play?

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working a lot on my new website, LifeGloss, which is kind of like “Daily Candy” for the soul. I am super excited about it, and love seeing the community of women on the [...]

November 19, 2010 Blog Posts, Self-Love

10 Ways to Make Ordinary Activities Extraordinary

It may just be a regular old pair of shoes, but a little glue, some glitter, and a couple of gemstones, and you’ve got a pair of ruby slippers that can take you anywhere. Alright, so maybe be-dazzling is not [...]

October 8, 2010 Blog Posts, Life, Self-Love, Shop, Spark, Style