Thursday 05th August 2021,
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An Amazing 40 Cent Gelatin Hair Fix

“Women’s propensity to share is universal. We confirm our reality by sharing.” ~ Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

I feel like a little girl who has something really amazing to share, so who better to share it with than my favorite blog readers? Last night I decided to try an at-home hair remedy I heard about on a segment of The Doctors when I happened to be flipping through the channels, and saw Kathy Ireland with her thick, flowing, gorgeous hair talking about gelatin. She said she used gelatin hair treatments, and the female doctor on the show said it made medical sense because of its “protein building properties”.

To be honest, I’ve been neglecting my hair a bit and haven’t made time for much more than a simple shampoo followed by a dallop of conditioner in the shower! Since google is a girl’s best friend, and I missed the whole segment, I decided to do a little research. Come to find out, gelatin contains keratin.

On a (coincidental) side note, I recently drove by a sign in a salon window that said, “Stop in for a Keratin Treatment.” I felt compelled to touch my hair, and the dry feeling made me almost immediately drop everything, make a u-turn, and head directly into the salon. I opted to stay focused on my deadlines sans keratin.

So, yesterday afternoon when we went into Target, I decided to splurge on a package of Knox Original Unflavored Gelatin. After all, the package was $1.60, and there were 4 packets inside, so I figured what’s the harm in a 40 cent experiment? Who was I kidding? I was super-excited to try the treatment!

Later that evening, when the kids were snuggled in their jammies and the hubby was content with the Yankees-Tigers game, I boiled some water, dissolved the gelatin, mixed with my conditioner, gave my hair a nice, clarifying shampoo and then went to town with the treatment. My conditioner thickened when mixed with the gelatin, and I took time to cover every strand of my hair with it. I left it on for an hour, even though I read 20 minutes would suffice.

I rinsed it out, and let it air dry. I woke up today, and MAN did my hair feel softer than ever!! But, I still wasn’t convinced if it was just ‘placebo effect’. Then, I went to see my client (Susan) who I meet with weekly, and the first thing she said, “Your hair looks great! Super shiny today!”

Umm…speechless. I wasn’t hallucinating , so I had to share the secret 40 cent gelatin hair fix with her and you…

Thank you, The Doctors, Kathy Ireland, and Google!

“Everything good that I know was taught to me by great teachers and I feel like giving back and sharing the technique is the thing to do.” ~ Betty Buckley


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