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Yes YOU Can in a Different Lens

Thinking about this from a different lens today. “yes YOU can” has so many interpretations. While on the surface it has the “You can do it!” feel. But what if we flipped it? What if it was a gentle reminder [...]

August 11, 2020 Blog Posts, Bounce, Feel Grace

What’s More Important than Our Gifts?

I’ve been talking a lot about shining our lights, showing up, and using our gifts! But I believe what’s even more important than that are these 2 things…background music compliments of my hubby The Domesticated Dad playing Ice-T #shinethatlight #gifts [...]

August 9, 2020 Blog Posts, Life, My Life, My Life Featured, Video

Excavating the Buried Stuff

I had a conversation the other day with an old client. She said she needed “a reboot” session. When I asked why, she called herself lazy. She said she hasn’t put any energy into reaching her goals or using her [...]

August 9, 2020 Balance, Blog Posts, Find Balance Featured

Signs, Signs, Anywhere Signs?

A dear friend texted me a photo of a beautiful sunset. When I spoke with her about it later that night, she said she had a moment with God, but nothing else came through. Curious, I asked her what she [...]

August 9, 2020 Blog Posts, Life, My Life Featured

It All Depends on Your Safety Gear…

So a couple days ago I was talking to a friend. She mentioned that she held a dream in her heart, but it’s not a good time to pursue it, because of ya know, the pandemic. I paused. Hmm. I [...]

May 23, 2020 Blog Posts, Dream Big, Dream Big Featured, Find Balance Featured

Feeling Unsupported? You Got This.

Feeling unsupported? Sometimes we teach people how to treat us, and we don’t even know it!!! Somebody messaged me that they were afraid to “shine” because they didn’t feel very supported. Oh my heart, my heart breaks because this incredible [...]

May 20, 2020 Blog Posts, Bounce, Feel Grace

Afraid to Fully Step Into Your Power?

Shine, girl!! The world SO needs your light…thought somebody might need this message today ✨♥️ … You May Also Want to Check Out... Gentleness, Power, and Wounds The Snowball Effect: Take One Small Step Own Your Power [...]

May 17, 2020 Blog Posts, Dream Big Featured, My Life Featured, Spark

Lessons from Monopoly, My Little Man, and COVID-19

Last night after a game of Monopoly with the kiddos, my little man and I were hanging on the couch. He turned to me, with wide eyes starting to well with tears. “Mommy, why are they letting people die?” My [...]

March 31, 2020 Blog Posts, Bounce, Feel Grace

Lessons from Tree Lights

I saw this quote today: It reminded me of this excerpt from my #balancebook. I read it again, and thought about gutting a bit more…the easier path is obviously to just cover up the mess, but gutting it out deep [...]

December 25, 2017 Balance, Blog Posts, Find Balance Featured

Floods, Big and Small…Some Ways We Can Help the People of Texas

Over the last few days, we’ve had some plumbing issues ~ basically, a pipe burst in our basement and the sump pump failed, so while the pipe burst in our sleep, our basement filled up with over a foot of [...]

August 30, 2017 Blog Posts, Feel Grace, Help Others, Help Others Featured