Thursday 05th August 2021,
Inspired Girl


Learn to Speak ‘Sparkle’…

Sometimes we feel like we have a language of our own! Here are some of the terms you’ll see on the site:

LifeGloss: Little things that make you feel good from the inside-out, to nurture your soul and spirit. LifeGloss is a derivative of ‘lip gloss’ because lip gloss is something quick and easy you can do to add a little shine to your face. LifeGloss adds that sparkle to your soul! LifeGloss comes in especially handy when you are tired, stressed, harried, busy, or feel like you are just going through the motions of life, existing not living. Our community is here for you when you are absolutely radiant or when your light is dim and you need to borrow some sparkle from a friend…

LifeBalm: Sometimes you don’t need to shine, you just need to heal. LifeBalm is a derivative of ‘lip balm’ because lip balm is something that we use to soothe dry or chapped lips, in the same way our spirit can go through a life experience that leaves us feeling a little worn, a little chapped, a little scarred…so LifeBalm is my term for the people, words, things {you get my drift} that soothe your soul, that “see” you, “hear” you, “feel” you, and sit with you when you need it most, allowing you to be beautiful YOU in all of your scars and imperfections ultimately offering you the space and exemplifying grace to heal you inside and out…

Inspirista: An Inspirista is a woman who has a positive attitude, an inner glow, a contagious energy that makes you want to smile. An Inspirista takes challenges with stride, trusts in the lessons unfolding, and lives each day knowing it is a gift from God. An Inspirista doesn’t allow a failure to hold her back, or a risk to scare her off. An Inspirista turns failure into her own success; her test becomes her testimony. An Inspirista inspires people to live with love, follow their passions, and serves the world by using her unique gifts to help others. A Fashionista is ok, but an Inspirista has style from the inside-out!!! Read more about “Inspiristahere.

Spark: Ignites passion, awakens the spirit, provokes thought, breathes life into us, an idea, a vision. Spark is the category to go to when you want to add a little fuel to your fire and get inspired.

Bounce: As in “bounce back”. Bounce is the part of our being that  deals with challenges, finds beauty in imperfections, keeps moving forward, even when faced with a roadblock or detour. Bounce is flexible, open to lessons, and even knows when to be still. Bounce is the category to go to when you want to face the challenge with a true grace and knowing that everything happens for a reason, or when you just feel like ripping your hair out and need a little dose of inspiration.

Soar: Like a bird flying. To Soar seems effortless, but really learning to fly is one of the most painful, strenuous things a living creature must endure. Soar is about taking inspired actions, putting “footsteps to your prayers”, and work to create your vision. Soar is also that effortless feeling when you are in motion, living out your purpose, flowing through the course even when you are being re-routed. It’s light, yet powerful. Soar is the category to go to when you want to set goals, visualize, and be the woman you were born to be.

Heart Fuel: This the fuel that we take in that stirs the soul, excites and energizes us from within. When we’re filled up in spirit, we are less likely to turn to external sources to fulfill us. Heart Fuel is strengthened by using our gifts, choosing actions, behaviors, words {you get my drift} that honor and express our values. Heart fuel lights us up!!

Stay tuned…more Gloss-ary COMING SOON!

How Do You Speak Sparkle?

If you have a word that fits our language, please share it with us! We’ll be sure to add it to my Gloss-ary, and include your name, byline, and full credit with a link back to your website, if you’d like! Email the editor at jennifer at inspired girl dot net.