Thursday 05th August 2021,
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Lesson from a Flashlight


Random Early AM Thought: In complete awe of God’s creation as He extends His grace through this magnificent peach streaked morning sunrise, reminding us it’s beautiful to begin again…He redeems. He restores.

When the night turns to day, wow. Such a humbling experience to witness the sunrise. I am blessed to see it almost every morning from the route. When it’s dark, I have to use a flashlight to find houses, to see the steps, to get to the cooler. This one morning I was having the hardest time finding the door, even with the flashlight. It was really dark still.

And then all of the sudden, I noticed the dang flashlight was actually turned toward me. What a joke. I did tell you it is about four thirty in the morning when I am delivering these lunches, didn’t I?

So, anyway, I finally realized the flashlight was turned the wrong way, and I flipped it around. What a huge difference it made. Quickly dropped the lunch and back to the car I went. But, I thought about this flashlight flip for awhile. I mean, I clearly know how to hold a flashlight. I’ve done it a thousand times before, holding it in the right direction.

But, mistakes happen, and this morning I almost fell flat on my face because of one. But more than that, more than my mistake, both literally and figuratively turning the flashlight towards myself doesn’t give me the visibility I need to move forward.

And so the Word tell us it is to be a lamp to our path, but we don’t always use it as such. If I look to myself, I might not have the answers. I have to turn the flashlight outward, look to Him, look to His word to be guided.


Deep thoughts, and I think about the past, filing through my life mistakes of all the times I should have just turned the flashlight around, and oh how much clearer it all could have been. Praise be to God, He redeems. He restores. And in each new day, I begin again.

How can you ‘turn the flashlight around’ today and gain the clarity you need?

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