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How Do You Respond to S-T-R-E-S-S?

How Do You Respond to S-T-R-E-S-S?

Yesterday my Little Man dropped our laptop. He tripped over Lulu’s flip flop, and was totally fine, but unfortunately the laptop didn’t fair so well. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of important stuff on the laptop – all [...]

July 6, 2013 Balance, Blog Posts

You are More….

I listen to a faith-based radio station to keep my spirit lifted – it is my ‘spiritual toothpaste’! It’s funny, because I often turn on the station and just the right song comes on to speak to my heart. God [...]

June 30, 2012 Blog Posts, Latest, Sing Along, Sing Along

Sunday Morning – Sing It Loud

I love this song! It’s just a beautiful reminder of what a strong anchor (and compass) faith can be in our lives! Sing it loud this Sunday morning, and know that no matter what is happening, God helps us through… [...]

January 8, 2012 Blog Posts, Sing Along

Get Up & Sing: What Faith Can Do

This year, instead of making a resolution, choose to take your true dreams out of hiding. Write your dreams down. Speak them aloud. Share them with others. Your spirit will awaken, and you will be who you were born to [...]

January 2, 2012 Blog Posts, Sing Along, Sing Along

The Case of Jenn vs. The Realist

It was kind of a cold office- not temperature wise, just the energy. There were book shelves, but the books didn’t seem to have life in them. I felt like if I picked them up, on the inside there would [...]

November 16, 2010 Blog Posts, Diaries, Feel Grace, Life, My Life, My Life Featured

My 30/30/30 Annual Inventory

Yesterday we had a family party. The Little Man (aka the Mayor) went up to everyone, shook hands, said hello. He ran around- up and down, back and forth chatting away.  And, LuLu, was such a “big girl”. She played [...]

October 25, 2010 Blog Posts, Life, My Life

3 Things for Tuesday

Live: Adding chicken meatballs to the escarole soup from Sunday. Eating it on the porch while watching the rain and waiting for the family to return from their shopping trip. Love: LuLu and Little Man’s excitement for Halloween. They bought [...]

October 5, 2010 3 Things, Blog Posts, My Life
Birds in Flight and Questioning If Life Can Be Effortless?

Birds in Flight and Questioning If Life Can Be Effortless?

Lately I’ve been really watching the birds fly, a lot. This morning I happened to catch a glimpse of one gliding just a few feet in front of me, and I marveled at the way it just seemed effortless and [...]

September 27, 2010 Blog Posts, Diaries, Feel Grace, Life, My Life, Soar

10 Basic Truths of Life

I was thinking about this this morning- there are some pretty basic, simple truths in life. Here are just a few of them, let’s keep adding to the list as we go. And, please share any of the ones you’ve [...]

September 16, 2010 Balance, Blog Posts, Diaries, Life, My Life, Spark
Sunday Morning Inspiration

Sunday Morning Inspiration

There’s something about singing that connects us. I’m not the best singer, but I just love to belt it out. This song by Jeremy Camp is a great reminder that we can walk by faith, even when we cannot see, [...]

August 29, 2010 Blog Posts, Sing Along