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Food Confessions, Guilt, and Releasing the Weight of It All

I had a meeting with a new client a little while back. So we sat down, and instantly she dumped out all of her food confessions {this happens a lot with new clients by the way, all of the time!}. [...]

March 28, 2017 Balance, Blog Posts, Find Balance Featured

A Quote and a Kiss of Honey

As you may know, I am a total foodie, especially when it comes to natural, healthy foods and refreshing drinks. I love to add a bit of whimsy to the kitchen, and use my creativity and imagination. So…I am giving [...]

August 9, 2012 Blog Posts, Food, Latest

3 Simple Ways to Use Wheat Germ and Raspberries

I love wheat germ. I often just mix it with almond milk, and eat is as a cereal! About a year ago, I discovered that by adding raspberries to the mix, it takes my wheat germ to a whole new [...]

August 5, 2011 Blog Posts, Food

Ode to Simple Sauteed Mushrooms

There is really nothing like a simple sauteed vegetable. It is so easy to make, and there is a lot you can do with them- eat them alone, add to an egg scramble, fold into an omelet, top a sandwich [...]

November 8, 2010 Blog Posts, Eat, Eat Well Featured, Food
3 Things for Wednesday

3 Things for Wednesday

Live: Checking 22 things off of my “to-do” list. Most of them were small (like changing sheets and responding to messages), but man, how good it feels. Love: The hubby left me freshly made chicken salad for lunch today – [...]

September 15, 2010 3 Things, Blog Posts, My Life
10 Tips for Inside-Out Health

10 Tips for Inside-Out Health

It’s time we ditch the “on” and “off” mentality of dieting. To be the best women we can be, we’ve got to live well, and feel good about ourselves from the inside-out…Here are 10 tips to keep in mind: 1.   [...]

September 3, 2010 Blog Posts, Food, Self-Love
3 Fixes When In Need of Chocolate

3 Fixes When In Need of Chocolate

I told someone I was craving chocolate. She immediately said, “Oh, you’re going to go off today? I had a day like that last week.” Hmm. Go off what? The deep end? The ledge? The merry-go-round? Of course, I knew [...]

August 31, 2010 Blog Posts, Food
Sunday Brunch: Goat Cheese Over Baked Apple Beet Salad

Sunday Brunch: Goat Cheese Over Baked Apple Beet Salad

I live for Sunday brunch. I like to experiment and try different things, and Sunday feels like the perfect day to do just that. So, today, let’s go for goat cheese with an apple and beet salad. There are a [...]

August 22, 2010 Blog Posts, Food

Midday Break: Frozen Mocha Made Healthy

It’s hot. It’s summer. I love coffee and chocolate. Of course, I could run to a cafe and get a 1000 calorie frozen chocolate coffee drink, but then I would be tired and crash by mid-afternoon. With 2 little ones [...]

August 20, 2010 Blog Posts, Food
Investing in Our Future: 4 Tips for a Healthy Journey

Investing in Our Future: 4 Tips for a Healthy Journey

My great-grandfather grew up with very little, but made a nice life for himself in the United States. He wasn’t rich; he lived well, and he did a lot with what he had. He shared with people. He would frequent [...]

August 19, 2010 Blog Posts, Self-Love