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Lessons from the Wrong Pair of Shoes

So, one of my favorite things in the whole world is cozy, lounge around the house foot gear. I love love love comfy socks. And, all of my slippers are lined with soft material. I have a theory – happy [...]

March 23, 2017 Balance, Blog Posts, Find Balance Featured, Life

Revisiting My Lesson: Where’s the Map?

Sometimes I have to go back to my own words. I know that God keeps His promise, but his will for our life may be different than what we (think we) want. A few months ago it became very clear [...]

February 9, 2017 Blog Posts, Diaries, Dream Big, Feel Grace, Life, My Life Featured

No Such Thing as Luck – A Short Story

I was speaking with a gentleman today, and he mentioned that his wife was looking to go back to work for extra money, but she needs something very flexible. I suggested perhaps she start a business out of her hobbies [...]

February 8, 2017 Blog Posts, Diaries, Dream Big, Dream Big Featured, Life, My Life, My Life Featured
paint can

Worn Out, Weathered, and Surrendered

Early AM (Random) Thought: The soul at peace does not find fault in our humanness, but rather accepts our weaknesses, lifts us up to our potential, and forgives our mistakes because the soul at peace sees God through our cracks [...]

February 8, 2017 Blog Posts, Diaries, Dream Big, Dream Big Featured, Feel Grace, Life, My Life, My Life Featured


To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Last week I wrote about how labels can weigh us down. Once we are free from the labels, our [...]

September 19, 2016 Blog Posts, Bounce, Feel Grace, Life, Purpose

Pain, Porch Projects, and Patience

Everything in its time will come. God keeps his promises to those who stay in faith. On Saturday morning I had a sciatica flair up. It’s been years since I experienced pain like this from my bck all the way [...]

May 27, 2014 Blog Posts, Bounce, Diaries, DIY Fun, Dream Big, Dream Big Featured, Feel Grace, Life, My Life
A Baker, A Cook, and How to Make Choices…

A Baker, A Cook, and How to Make Choices…

What does the difference between a baker and a cook have to do with time, life, and making choices??? Just wanted to share this {kind of} quick video that was created for participants of my B.A.L.A.N.C.E Challenge… [video type="vimeo" html5_video_url="" [...]

March 19, 2014 Blog Posts, Dream Big, Life
table heaven

Why I Have to Believe There’s a Heaven…

I was raised in a Catholic church, and like many of you, was taught that there is a heaven and a hell – our life here on earth would ultimately determine our final resting place. I remember as a child [...]

March 14, 2014 Blog Posts, Bounce, Diaries, Dream Big, Feel Grace, Help Others Featured, Life, Self-Love

Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

Growing up, Martin Luther King, Jr. and I would often share a birthday, and I felt a special connection to him, and not just because I got the day off. His words struck me; even in my grammar school days, [...]

January 20, 2014 Blog Posts, Life, Quotes
All Things New

All Things New

Navigating life can be tricky. Be gentle with yourself {and others}, sometimes we just have to lose ourselves to find ourselves…but rest assured, He makes all things new {Revelation 21:5}…   You May Also Want to Check Out... Permission to [...]

September 14, 2013 Blog Posts, Life, Purpose, Quote, Quotes