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Random Early AM Thought About Ritual

The beauty in ritual is found in the connections we make on our daily walk through life… #thoughtstoponder #joyinthejourney #slowdown #thisisus #legacy You May Also Want to Check Out... Random Early AM Thought: Seeing Eye to Eye Random Early AM [...]

March 8, 2017 Blog Posts, Purpose, Quote, Quotes


To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Last week I wrote about how labels can weigh us down. Once we are free from the labels, our [...]

September 19, 2016 Blog Posts, Bounce, Feel Grace, Life, Purpose
All Things New

All Things New

Navigating life can be tricky. Be gentle with yourself {and others}, sometimes we just have to lose ourselves to find ourselves…but rest assured, He makes all things new {Revelation 21:5}…   You May Also Want to Check Out... Permission to [...]

September 14, 2013 Blog Posts, Life, Purpose, Quote, Quotes

And I Know it’s Been Awhile…

I was thinking this morning, it’s been awhile since I wrote a post for my blog! I like to write with pen and paper, so my journals are filled but my online blog not so much…if you know me, you [...]

August 28, 2013 Blog Posts, Dream Big, Help Others, Missions, My Life, Purpose

This Side of Heaven…

Judgment separates us. Love fills the gaps. Sing along with these beautiful lyrics ~ This Side of Heaven by Chris August Everyone’s got their own opinions There’s nothing they don’t know about But in the end nobody’s winning ‘Cause nobody’s [...]

August 26, 2013 Blog Posts, Purpose, Quote, Quotes, Sing Along

Inspired Girl Blog

Resources + ramblings related to loving life and learning from lemons. We all know balance {in the form of having all of your ducks in a row} is bunk, so I created my own balance ‘mantra’... [...]

November 27, 2012 Purpose

Speaking & Teaching

SPEAKING For over a decade, I’ve traveled the country speaking at conferences, events, to women’s groups, organizations, businesses, and in corporations. From working with women almost 18 years, I’ve gained a vast array of knowledge and experience, so I speak [...]

November 27, 2012 Purpose

Books & More

Writing is cathartic...reading is too. A lifelong journal-keeper, a seeker, a researcher, student of life, and total inspiration junkie, I have compiled the lessons I've learned into book form... [...]

November 27, 2012 Purpose