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The Seeds We Plant, Grow

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My daughter loves to garden. She’s 4 years old, and gets such joy out of planting seeds, watering them, watching them bloom into beautiful flowers. Every morning we have to go on our porch and look at the petals, notice the colors. There was one lonely pot around the corner from the porch. It’s not as easy to access quickly, and she didn’t spend as much time tending to it. Still, the other day, we noticed the flower bloomed. Nature took care of the seeds, even if it took a little longer.

She was so excited, “Mommy, it grew! It’s BEEEEAAAAUUUUTTTTIFUL!”

In life, we are constantly ‘planting seeds’. And, like flowers, the ‘seeds’ we plant blossom into our world. These ‘life seeds’ come in many forms, in particular:

* Thoughts - are your thoughts limiting you? or are you thinking of limitless possibilities? is worry a constant state of being for you? or are you living truly in this moment? Remember, what we think about expands.

* Actions - are your actions in line with the person you were born to be? are your actions in line with your ‘vision’? Remember, if you see it in your minds eye, taking inspired steps will let it unfold perfectly as it should. We may not always have the answers, sometimes we need to be still, and just listen. Stillness is an action.

* Energy - are you living with passion, energy, and peace in your heart? or has aggravation and turmoil taken you over? are you honking incessantly at other drivers and getting annoyed at the checkout line? Remember, we are walking magnets, and our actions cause reactions. Make your ‘domino effect’ a good one!

* Words – are you speaking words of kindness- not only to others, but also about others, and to yourself? or are you constantly venting, ranting, or beating yourself up? We are not perfect, our beauty is in our imperfections, so we must learn to accept each other flawed and all. Remember, we nurture what we love.

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