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Make Saturday Sweeter: Leave Behind Lolli-Flowers

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When one of our incredible blog readers, Shalon, posted a comment about Kind Over Matter, I immediately went to their website. It was love at first sight.

Shalon mentioned “Lolli-Flowers” that she read about on Kind Over Matter , and suggested I share it on my blog as an alternative to giving traditional flowers. When I saw the sweet lollipops surrounded by the paper flower (pictured to the right), my mind filled with all the ways you could just leave these behind without anyone knowing! Think about it, on a given day you may leave these behind when you go to the:

* Coffee Shop

* Post Office

* Bank

* Grocery Store

* Office

* Convenience Store

* School

* Dance Class

* Karate Class

* Gym

* Nail Salon

* Hair Salon

* Gas Station

* Pharmacy

* Warehouse Store

* Friend’s House

* Relative’s House

* Pet Shop

* Mall

* Restaurant

* Drive Thru

* and the possibilities are endless…

The girls at Kind Over Matter couldn’t make it any easier to do, they even give a free PDF to download and print-out as a template.

And, if you want a change from the traditional blow pop, try one of these lollipop ideas for the center…

Choose Quirky and Fun with custom crystal barley hard candy lollipops in just about any shape from traditional to what you see below, and any flavor, from ginger and pomegranate to cherry and bubblegum. You can check out all of the options (and even go all natural) by visiting the Sweet Lollipop Shop on Etsy:

Or, Go Organic with Yummy Earth lollipops (my kids favorite!!). They are not as sweet, made from all good stuff, and are gluten-free and kosher parve. Flavors include Pomegranate Pucker, Too Berry Blueberry, Mango Tango, Strawberry Smash, Blood Orange Cocktail, Very Very Cherry, Sour Apple Tart, and Wet Face Watermelon:

There’s even the Dark Chocolate Lollipop, just wrap in cellophane and tie with a pretty bow to make a little healthier and homemade centerpiece for the Lolli-Flower:

Check out the original post on Kind Over Matter to get even more ideas on what to do with this simple sweet surprise, and be sure to let me know how you used them!

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  1. Shalon September 15, 2010 at 10:31 am

    Hey Jennifer, I’m so glad you liked my suggestion and are passing along the fun! I mean really, WHO can resist these sweet little flowers?!?!
    I am so excited about the organic lollipops you mentioned. What a great way to make these lolliflowers even better. When I handed them out at the hospital I did wish the lollipop itself was a little “better” for patients. And now you’ve solved that dilemma.
    Thanks for sharing, and also the link back to my site, Feel Good Gowns!

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