Tuesday 13th April 2021,
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And I Know it’s Been Awhile…


I was thinking this morning, it’s been awhile since I wrote a post for my blog! I like to write with pen and paper, so my journals are filled but my online blog not so much…if you know me, you know I actually do not love the computer as much as I love spending time with people in real life {which I recently learned actually has an acronym now IRL – who knew?}.

And because it’s summer I’ve been even a little more “disconnected” from the PC -  my LuLu and Little Man are off for summer, so we have been making pottery, catching butterflies, setting up lemonade stands, reading books, drawing pictures, stitching by hand, tumbling in the grass, enjoying porch picnics…they teach me so much just by experiencing the world with them, God surely knows what he’s doing – children are our essence, and their pure joy is simply divine!

We live by the beach in New Jersey, so there’s also been lots of early evenings with toes in the sand, soaking up sunsets, and just enjoying the simple pleasures summer offers.

August 2013

I also was honored and blessed to help the women from Ozanam Family Shelter get ready for an event called “She is Me” with Enchanted Makeovers. There was lots to do as we collected shoes, dresses, purses, jewelry, and then had fittings with the women to pick out a special dress that was meant just for each of them! My dear friends Margie and Lynette lent their hands and hearts to help gather the dresses, along with people around the country who sent gowns - we had over 200 dresses donated to Enchanted Makeovers!! Quite incredible, and each one was so beautiful with its own story to tell.

The day of the event, I did hair and makeup for the women along with my soul sister Vanessa Coppes and inspirista Dixie Nichols. Another angel, Hope was with us helping the women pick out shoes and accessories. Hope is representative for 31 bags, and she gave each of the women a special satchel with a lovely note attached. The women were glowing from the inside-out as we had an amazing day, and while some people perceive the “volunteers” as the ones helping, I actually learn so much from the women and children Enchanted Makeovers serves – when we help others, we heal ourselves!!

We laughed a bunch, hugged alot, shed many happy tears, ate brownies together…I explained at the end before the women left that Vanessa, Dixie, and I are volunteers for Enchanted Makeovers, which they would experience shortly, and briefly told them how incredible the organization is…then they went to the event and danced the night away!!

She is Me 2013

I also have been speaking a lot to women’s groups, in companies, for organizations, teaching workshops {sharing my B.A.L.A.N.C.E techniques} and of course, exploring this amazing gift of life with all I am blessed to serve. And stay tuned, the softcover edition of my book will be out soon, and another book is on the way!!

Over the next month, I am grateful to be a part of 2 conferences open to the public {so buy your tickets now and we can meet IRL}: ETTMoms 360 Conference : The Power of Connections and MACs Women’s Summit: Dare to Prosper . I know these conferences will be AWESOME, so I hope to see you there!!!

Speaking 2013

And another exciting venture has begun in our household – my hubby’s business “The Domesticated Dad Catering Company” is moving full steam ahead into the fall. We found commercial kitchen space, and are working on a small storefront location, too! We just rolled out a Brown Bag Lunch Service to offer fresh lunch deliveries daily to families in Ocean Township, and paired it with our Angel Delivery Program to provide FREE lunches to local families who could use the program – basically, for every 10 lunches ordered, we are delivering 1 free lunch to a family in our Angel Delivery Program! {Eventually we would like to offer the Brown Bag Lunch Service & Angel Delivery Program throughout Monmouth County.}

the domesticateddad

Now you are a little caught up and the munchkins are up and ready for breakfast {summer days=sleeping in}, so more soon, and until next time…I would love to hear what you’ve been up to this summer – write me  at Jennifer@inspiredgirl.net

Enjoy this beautiful day.

Warmly, Jenn

{or as my family calls me Jennie, or if you like to be formal Jennifer, I answer to just about anything…}

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