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My 30/30/30 Annual Inventory

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Yesterday we had a family party. The Little Man (aka the Mayor) went up to everyone, shook hands, said hello. He ran around- up and down, back and forth chatting away.  And, LuLu, was such a “big girl”. She played the drums on Wii Rock Band, sat proudly with her Nonni and Poppi eating her pizza, carefully watching her little cousin to make sure she didn’t fall.

Sure, last night I was pooped after chasing around the Man, but it was a good tired. My eyes welled up as I thought about how I am truly amazed at the people they are, how much they adore each other, and how thankful I am for all that they have taught me during their little lives.

So, again, in a blink of an eye, 4 years have passed, and I decided it’s time for my annual inventory! Every year I write a list of 30 things I am proud of, 30 experiences I learned from, and 30 goals and visions for the upcoming year.

I love this exercise; to me  it is all about awareness, gratitude, understanding, and faith. It also allows me to expand on my vision and dreams. Since I am a pencil and paper girl, I took out my notebook and began writing. Although the list is not complete, here is a sneak peek:

I am proud of…

1. the way my daughter can write the alphabet, work the computer, and how she epitomizes love.

2. the way my son can count to 100, memorize songs, and how he epitomizes love.

3. the Zumbathon we had for my cousin’s family-  it went really well and was a lot of fun.

4. the Jersey City event with Enchanted Makeovers and meeting so many amazing women.

5. this blog and all of the wonderful people I have been able to connect with through sharing myself and my world on the world wide web.

6. each of my clients; watching them evolve, seeing them grow, their lives flourish. It is a gift to work with people who inspire me every day.

7. expanding my reach and sharing my writing and words in many media outlets, both large and small.

8. clean, organized closets. Enough said.

9. creating and experimenting in the kitchen with my favorite flavors, teaching my kids how to make simple, healthy, delicious food. And, having a hubby who loves to cook and is an incredible chef.

10. moving into a home that has a fenced in yard so the kids to have a blast running around and a front porch where we can relax, sip coffee, and admire nature.

I learned…

1. to listen more. It’s not about always having the answer.

2. being not getting (i.e getting healthy vs. being healthy, getting happy vs. being happy, getting balanced vs. being balanced, etc.). I choose being. There’s no where to go, we can just be.

3. we are truly all connected. There is a thread that connects us all, and just by sharing we can discover the thread.

4. I really love coffee and chocolate. Alot.

5. there is something to learn from everyone, everywhere.

6. it’s good to ask for help. We all need it sometimes, and people like to help each other.

7. simplifying feels fantastic, light. Thoreau knew what he was talking about.

8. I must listen to my body. We change- our internal clocks, our needs, and being in tune with who we are in this moment makes a huge difference.

9. people do incredible things; this was a year that I met so many “Inspiristas”.

10. yes, I am a fool for love, hope, meaning, faith, all things inspiring. I am an inspiration junkie, a dreamer, a believer. Isn’t there a song for that? It sounds familiar as I am writing it…

My visions for 2011 are…

1. I will continue to nurture myself and my family well. This mean eating natural, fresh foods, moving, stretching, breathing, teaching, learning, praying, listening, connecting.

2. I will date my husband at least once a week, even if it’s just watching a late-night movie together and having a carpet picnic after the kids go to sleep.

3. I will finish my book and it will be published by an incredible publishing house. I will go on a media tour to discuss the book and continue to share my thoughts and message with the world.

4. I will work with a company as a spokesperson promoting the importance of living an inspired life, connecting with others, happiness, positivity, essentially living with passion & energy, loving and nurturing ourselves and everyone around us.

5. I will have a cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, & desserts casual get together for old friends and new.

6. I will be a regular contributor and partner with the Real Girls Media network.

7. I will continue to work with Enchanted Makeovers to spread the message of hope and faith, as well as meet extraordinary women around the country.

8. I will get a Coffee Perculator- best coffee ever.

9. I will add a video blog at least once a week to share moving snippets of my life, recipes, events, and interview some of the amazing people I meet.

10. I will laugh, cry, experience, engage in every moment.

What are some of the accomplishments you’re proud of? What are some things you’ve learned this year? What are some of your visions for next year? I will continue writing my 30/30/30 Inventory, and I’d love to hear about yours!

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  1. Rebecca E. Parsons October 26, 2010 at 7:46 pm

    i love the list jennifer…anything i can do to help your dreams come true just ask…i know a lot about publishing and video blogging XOXOX

    • Jennifer Tuma-Young October 27, 2010 at 10:08 pm

      Thanks, Rebecca…you know, I’ve been seeing something on facebook about your course- it looks great!! I will reach out to you, and if I can do anything to help your dreams come true, just ask :) Warmly, Jennifer

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