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Without Judgment: Learning from Project Runway Winner Gretchen Jones

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Last night was the season finale of Project Runway. I have an addiction to that show- something about seeing people create inspires me. The creation of gorgeous clothing also inspires me to switch out of my baggy sweatpants and throw on one of Gretchen’s easy, cozy, yet cool, and chic pieces. Her line really screams “effortless”.

But, what I loved most about her collection was its title “Running through Thunder”. She teared up as she described the challenges she had over the past few months- the juxtaposition of being a top contender on a reality tv show and then coming home to a broken relationship and empty bank account. I felt her heart in her clothing, her hope, her will to run through the thunder.

Many people have criticized Gretchen, though. Not for her design aesthetic, but for her “icy” personality. Again, even last night, she defended herself to judgmental castmates.

To say Gretchen’s appears warm and cozy to most viewers would be a stretch. However, I think her clothing is a reflection of what is inside of her, but perhaps she has a hard time showing- the warmth she may not emit personally comes through her design.

I believe every one of us has a story, and appearances depend on the lens you are looking through. We are all unique, flawed, beautiful. Some may be perceived as too nice, others too timid, other too strong, and so forth. These are just opinions usually formed out of fear not fact.

But, imagine the weightlessness of living without judgment. Without judging others choices, lives, appearances, actions; without judging our own situations or the reflection staring back in the mirror.

To go through life without judgment opens us up, connects us more. We experience real joy when we’re not bogged down by the weight of judgment.

The interesting thing is that Michael C. (who was Gretchen’s nemesis for awhile on the show), ended up defending Gretchen. He said he spent time with her and realized she is not coming from a “bad place” with her less than sugar-coated remarks. Gretchen and Michael C. got to know each other, and were able to peel back the judgmental layers and just accept each other, perfect as they are.

I think we can all learn something here. If you are not getting along with a colleague, a neighbor, a friend, even a stranger- take him or her to coffee. Sit and talk with each other. Practice kindness. Ask questions, remove all defenses, and just be open, light, communicate, and share. No doubt you will learn something and teach something just by breaking down the wall.

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  1. Rebecca E. Parsons October 29, 2010 at 8:05 am

    great take on the group dynamic of PR this year…and beautiful outlook on life in general…this is why i like reality shows…there are life lessons within…have a beautiful weekend… XOXOX

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