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Mixed Messages Holding You Back?

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Here are 2 mindset shifts that can catapult us from “dreaming” about doing something to “being” the person we were born to be.

*See Yourself as You Want to Be- Now
We live up to the expectations and the image we hold for ourselves. We must see and believe that we are complete, whole, capable, resourceful individuals. If we have an intention, we must always place that intention in the present tense. Replace phrases like “I wish I was successful.” with strong statements like “I am successful.” If we spend all our time “wishing”, it opens the door to feeling bad about our current state, and that negative energy will just drag us down. Let’s live our vision, as if it is happening now.

*Actions Speak Louder than Thoughts
Often we have a desire we’d like to manifest, but our actions are telling a different tale. Think of it like the guy who says he wants to settle down and get married, but spends every night at the bar flirting with different women. It’s sending a mixed signal to the world, which can never be interpreted. Our visions absolutely must align with our actions. So line it up right, and you will be on the path to achieving your dreams.

Awareness is key. Identify the “mixed messages” you may be sending and the non-present statements you may be making, either in thought or out loud. Write them down, cross it out, and replace with statements that are present and align with your desires.

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