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4 Tips For a Relaxing Space

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Since the world has become so fast paced, it’s nice to come home to a relaxing, pleasing space. Calmer energy, a sense of “presence”, and balance can easily begin there, just by creating your ideal living space to fit your budget.

Releasing our minds will open the door to amazing things, so follow these simple tips to “redesign” your life:

Set the Stage

First things first, go through your surroundings and take inventory. Is there a room that you aren’t crazy about? wallpaper that’s screaming 2 decades ago? a light bulb that just doesn’t seem bright enough, or maybe a bit too bright? a hole in the wall? a squeaky door?

It doesn’t cost much to put on a fresh coat of paint, fill holes, fix a squeak, or replace bulbs and batteries for a clean, updated look, and you’ll feel so much better. And, if design isn’t your thing, flip through a magazine to find a picture if a room you’ll love. Recreate the look yourself, and you’ll save tons!

Choose Colors Carefully

Keep in mind colors affect us more than we think. Pick colors that are conducive to what you want your space to be. If you want a serene room, stray away from red! Red is an energizer and may even stimulate your appetite! Greens are calming colors, perfect for a spa-inspired setting. Or, if you want a cross between calm and amped up, choose a shade of blue.

Tackle Your To-Do List

We all have mental to-do lists, but now’s the time to put it on paper and check it off. Make a list of the things that have been on your mind, like organizing a closet, filing cabinet, or drawer. Tackle the items one by one. Clearing clutter clears your mind, too.

Store No More

Our closets, garages, and basements are havens for hidden treasures we may have written off too soon. You can go green and save green by refurbishing old furniture (it’s amazing what furniture treatment and new hardware can do), using bottles as decorative details – glass is said to be relaxing just to look through. Get creative, and you can design a whole new space with items you already own. Then, cleanse your home and storage areas from what’s not in use and no longer serves a purpose in your life.

Organize to Organize

If you’re trying to get organized, it may be overwhelming at first. Start simply by getting 3 bins together: “Use, Donate, Shred.”

Items in the “Use” bin should be put to use now!

Donate unwanted items by picking an organization of your choice. Many even offer free same-day pick up services, as long as you pick up the phone to call them!!

The only items we should be tossing are paper such as non-essential paperwork. Shred private information and recycle it!

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