Tuesday 13th April 2021,
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Midday Break: Present Tense = Not Tense

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How many people can describe in full detail his/her drive to the food store? Can you recall the make and model of the car in front of you? Do you know exactly how many traffic lights you crossed?

Most of the time, our minds are somewhere else. We’re either in the “past” thinking about something that just happened, replaying a conversation, or we’re in the “future” worrying about our to-do lists, wondering what will happen next, or we’re in what I call the “right to left” worrying about other people, everybody else around us. All of this mental noise blocks us from really seeing or hearing what is happening in the moment.

Try focusing only on what is happening right now, right here. Be fully present in the task you are doing. You’ll see everything through a much clearer lens. Plus, when you’re in the moment, truly in the present tense, you’ll feel your shoulders naturally loosen, weight lifted, and your smile widen.

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