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10 Fun Tips to Fit Fitness In

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Working out can feel like a burden. But it’s essential to our well being, and by taking the time to do it, we are actually exemplifying our love for ourselves. Now, I was not born one of those people (like my brother) who LOVES to workout. But, when I began nurturing my body and found fitness routines that made me ‘come alive’, I realized working out wasn’t all about looking a certain way, it was WAY MORE about feeling energized, connected to my body, and just an extension of living with passion!

It’s all about how we look at it — fitness can be fun, and soon you’ll wonder how you lived without it. Here are 10 simple ways to make exercise a part of your life and fit fitness in:

Baby Steps

If you’re sitting, stand. If you’re standing, walk. If you’re walking, run! Don’t go from sitting to running circles around your block. You’ll burn out or pass out! Take the appropriate steps to make real changes happen. This isn’t a fad, it’s your life.

Stop Time from Vanishing

I am a huge fan of time choice over time management. I know you may feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, and you’re definitely not alone. Take a good look at your schedule – where is all of your time going? Once you map it out clearly, you’ll have a much better picture your time, and you’ll see what is just a ‘time vacuum’ that can be released so you can choose to amp up your energy instead!

Use Your Environment

There are days where making it to the gym might be out of the question, or you may want to supplement your workouts in between.  You definitely do NOT need fancy equipment to work out. You can do a “wall sit” combined with a “dragoncurl” and get a very effective total body strengthening workout in just a few minutes a day. All you need is a wall and two cans of soup or veggies.

Fitness that Fits In

Life is busy, and sometimes you just have to find exercises that are both effective and efficient. That’s why I love Curves - 30 minutes and it includes a total body cardio and strength training workout! If you have a packed schedule, workout at your desk, do squats in the shower, lunge up the stairs, keep your core muscles isolated all the time.

Break It Up

It’s okay to have a favorite show, so why not try a commercial workout? Do crunches on one break, side kicks on another. You can get a total body workout just during the commercial breaks of your favorite show, and for an added cardio effect, do jumping jacks or jog in place while watching.

Make “Movement” a Family Affair

If you have young children, take them for walks with you, explore nature,  or jump rope together. Get a trampoline, and bond while bouncing for 30 minutes. They’ll love it and it’s a great activity.

Always Ready to Hit the Gym

Keep your gym bag packed and in your car. If you always have sneakers or sweats with you it will serve as a mental reminder to go to the gym. If you attach your workouts to trips out, they are much easier to fit in.

Enlist Support

Find a friend or relative who also wants to be healthy. Having a support system to keep you positive, motivated and focused always helps. You always can enlist the help of a professional if you really want motivation and accountability.

Live Actively — Wherever You Go

Malls and food stores are great places to get moving. Carry your groceries in a hand carrier when you only have a few things to buy. When you’re out shopping, don’t waste time and circle the lot in search of the closest spot. Park far from the door and walk. Don’t use the escalator or elevator — take the stairs. And who needs a drive-thru window? Park the car and walk to the bank or ATM.

Seek Out Your Inner Dancing Queen

Why not take a salsa or belly-dancing class? Or, find a place to go and dance with your friends. Let your hair down and get your heart rate up. You can burn up to 400 calories with just an hour of social dancing.

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