Tuesday 27th October 2020,
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Cinco De Mayo, Fish Tacos, and a Little LuLu B

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On Saturday night, in celebration of Cinco De Mayo, my amazing hubby (aka The Domesticated Dad) made simple, light, healthy, delicious Fish Tacos. We agreed, this was his best taco creation yet!! The shopping list was this:

* 1.5 lb. Cod fish

* Corn tortilla

* Queso Fresco

* 4 Plum tomatoes

* 2 Avocados

* Lettuce

We love seasonings, and so Michael  seasoned the cod fish with a blend of Mexican seasonings (chili powder, dried cumin, oregano, garlic powder) and a dash of Cayenne Pepper (because YAY for zest!!). He cooked up the cod on the stove top pan with a few drops of olive oil – it looked and smelled INCREDIBLE!!

For the “Taco” part, I opted for a Corn Tortilla. Corn Tortillas are tasty and Gluten-Free. (Side Note: I decided to cut way back on the Gluten recently. My brother found out he had a Gluten allergy, and since he went ‘Gluten-Free’, he has felt incredible! I know I don’t need Gluten, and honestly don’t eat much of it anyway, so it just makes sense to me!)

Michael lined the bottom of the Corn Tortilla with slivered avocado. Why slivered? Because I picked avocado that was not ready – not ripe at all! Rather than pass on it, my hubby decided to sliver it and added a dash of the seasonings to it! A little shredded lettuce, chopped tomato, and Queso Fresco, and Voila! Less than 20 minutes and we had my husband’s delectable creation (above)!

Now, you may be wondering what Queso Fresco is – it’s an authentic, fresh Mexican cheese that is soft and moist with a light texture! You can use it in a number of recipes, too – I even like adding a little to egg whites!

We also decided to drink a margarita to add to our Cinco de Mayo celebration. Although, to be honest, I really didn’t want to have a glass of sugar and alcohol…so I found LuLu B’s all natural margarita sweetened with stevia! Now that is a light ‘n fresh fiesta!!

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