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3 Critical Fuel Sources and Strengthening Sets

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We can want to make a change, but if we don’t receive energy or strength from a source that is in alignment with the change we want to make, it is like moving against the wind…for example, if you want to begin saving money and be more conscious of your spending, but you are constantly reading magazines that fuel your desires for more stuff in your home or closet, you may feel the need to go to shopping, throwing your good intentions out the window! Trust me, I get it, this has happened to me!

I find that there are {what I call} 3 critical “fuel” sources and 3 critical “strengthening” sets that can support our goals or visions when all are in alignment: Physical Fuel, Mind Fuel, and Heart Fuel, and Physical Strength, Mental Strength, and Heart Strength.

HEART FUEL is what stirs the soul, excites and energizes you from within. When we’re filled up in spirit, we are less likely to turn to external sources to fulfill us.

MIND FUEL influences our thoughts. We should choose mind fuel that aligns with our heart fuel, so that our thoughts support what “fills up” your spirit.

And, of course, PHYSICAL FUEL, properly fueling our bodies, helps us have high energy, a good demeanor, happier moods.

If you don’t consciously choose fuel for all 3 of these critical fuel sources, you are subconsciously fed fuel (or subconsciously feeding yourself fuel) that may or may not be in line with the person you are born to be.

Choosing with intention assures that you are fueling the 3 sources well.

Note: We are fueled by each of our senses, and this even includes things like color, conversation, environment, media (TV, radio, online, print), words, reading, music, smell, and the way we feel in our clothing {in other words, uncomfy shoes may look good, but if we’re miserable our face will show it, and discomfort can cause us to feel NOT HAPPY}.

We fuel ourselves with what we “take in” and we strengthen ourselves by “taking action”…there are also 3 critical muscles that need to be strengthened. Again, most people are aware about exercising the body. Just like you fuel your body for energy and you exercise your body to strengthen it, you must fuel your heart and mind, and then strengthen the internal muscle by taking action.

For example, fueling your mind with positive thoughts (i.e. reading quotes, listening to books on attitude, surrounding yourself with positive people) is great, but you must strengthen your mind with actions that are also positive – speaking kind words, practicing patience, living with compassion, showing gratitude. And, for example, you can fuel your heart reading the Bible, but you strengthen it by living the Gospel – reaching out and helping others,
serving people, showing compassion, giving your talent and your time, etc.

So, how will you fuel and strengthen your body, mind, and heart today?

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