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“If food is the body of good living, wine is its soul.” ~ Clifton Fadiman

A few months back, I was speaking with a dear friend of mine, Jess. She is a fabulous photographer, a hopeless romantic, and a lover of all things food and wine. She was shocked to hear that I hadn’t had a glass of wine myself in ages.

And I mean S-H-O-C-K-E-D.

“I know you have kids, Jenn, but what about after they go to sleep? Or on the weekends? When you entertain? Or just with dinner every now and then? No wine, really?” As if I were committing blasphemy, she just couldn’t believe wine had not been even a somewhat regular part of my life.

The funny thing was, I didn’t think about it, really, until the subject with Jess came up, and I realized how lovely a glass of wine with a bubble bath and a good book would be. And the irony – this is actually a tip from a list in Chapter One of my own book, under the heading “Self Nurture Strategies”. I used to do this more often – sometimes you have to go back to your own words, I guess! I would pour myself the occasional glass of Shiraz, invite friends over for wine and appetizers, or have a toast with the hubby…but for whatever the reason I just hadn’t done it in so long.

The Opportunity Came Knockin’…

Shortly after my wine inspiration conversation, I was given the opportunity to try Black Box Wines – coincidence? I think not. So, I jumped on it and told my hubby to be on the lookout for the exciting box that would soon be delivered.

When we received the Black Box Wine, I have to admit, I was enamored by its packaging…


We had a few friends over – the hubby dove right in, poured us all a glass of Merlot, and we sat on our porch toasting to the beautiful night.

My great grandpa loved red wine. He was a chef, from Italy, and I guess it was par for the course, but it was a rare occasion that he didn’t have a wine glass near him while preparing dinner. While drinking the wine, I pictured my little grandpa and smiled.

The wine was smooth and delicious, nothing like I expected coming from a box? No wonder Black Box Wines has been awarded 40 Gold Medals. They made a box wine believer out of me! The full size box holds four 750ml bottles, and the convenient mini pack holds 3 glasses {ideal for picnics}! The wine even stays longer without spoiling for at least 4 weeks, and for somebody like me, that’s a good thing.

And There’s Really No Excuse..

Now I know why Jess was so stunned – I clearly had forgotten the simple pleasure of drinking a glass of wine. And I couldn’t blame it on “being healthy”, because wine {especially red wine} has many health benefits, too. In moderation {by moderation I mean one 5 oz. glass a day}, due to its alcohol content and non-alcoholic naturally occurring  plant compounds, wine has been shown to promote longevity, lower the risk of heart disease, reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes – it even cuts the risk of colon cancer by about 45%. And, brain function decline is markedly slower in people who drink moderate amounts of wine over those who do not.

A few days later, the hubby made a beautiful piece of cod fish seasoned with fresh lime, and we decided to try a nice chilled glass of the Moscato. It was sweet, but not overly so, and very refreshing! The hubby, usually a beer drinker, loved the Moscato, too.

What a Way to End the Week…

Finally, the week was coming to a close and Sunday night, after LuLu and Little Man fell fast asleep {it was a fun-filled weekend playing in the pool, celebrating birthdays, marveling at the Summer Solstice Moon, and catching fireflies}, I decided it was time for the bubble bath, the good book, and the glass of wine.

Ahhh…with gratitude in my heart for rekindling a little piece of the wine lover in me, after a lovely weekend enjoying good food, old friends, and my amazing family, it couldn’t have ended on a more relaxing note.

Now it’s time for you to think inside the box – Black Box Wines {with 10 varieties in 2 sizes} is perfect for summer entertaining, picnics in the grass, parties under an Oak Tree, or just for you to unwind…

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Black Box Wines. Of course, all opinions and text are my own. Please always drink responsibly and make choices with consideration of your current health conditions. 

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