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What to Eat?

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So, the other day I was teaching a class, and one woman walked into the room and said, “All I need to know is what to eat. I know I should be healthy. I know I want to be healthy. But I hate healthy food.” Hmmm….

This was not an unusual statement. As a matter of fact, I could have said that very statement myself years ago, and I’ve probably heard that statement {in various shapes and forms} well over ten thousand times! Over the years, I started challenging myself by coming up with creative ways to make healthy food delicious and super simple to do {Side Note: I am not a chef like my hubby, so if it’s not easy, it wouldn’t work because I’ve been known to mess up boiling water}. I started compiling those ideas and people began contributing their own, and I put them together in a recipe booklet, complete with food shopping list, healthy vs. not so healthy side by side comparison charts, and recipes separated into categories for Breakfast, Lunch & Snack, Dinner, Soups & Sides and {oh yes, my favorite} Desserts. In every recipe there are even substitutions for Vegan Alternatives.

As you know, over the last month I’ve changed my website to combine all of my content in one place. Here’s where I am super excited ~ there’s also some fun new stuff, like a page for Free Downloads and Resources that will be updated and added to regularly. And, that recipe booklet that I mentioned is there for you to download! Here’s the direct link:

I hope this booklet helps you, and please share your simple, healthy, delicious recipe ideas and I will add them to it with, of course, full credit to Y-O-U!!

Enjoy this beautiful day!

{or as my family calls me Jennie, or if you like to be formal Jennifer, I answer to just about anything…}

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