Midday Break: Write a Note, Celebrate a Friend

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Yesterday in my inbox, I received a message from a woman I've long admired, Tanea Smith, founder of She's Got Papers. A paper and pen girl herself, it's no wonder we get along so well.

I was so enamored by her line called, "The Professionals", I had to share with you. They are right in line with sending out notes to the people in our lives (as I blogged about last week), but these notes are a bit more personal, because you can choose a card specific to the profession, hobby, or personality of the receiver.

And, there are definitely times when we sit in admiration of a friend, but just can't find the words to let them know- these cards make it simple, with adorable artwork and inspiring messages on each one.

"The Professionals" started out by creating a card in honor of her cousin's favorite hobby, knitting.

From there, she started surveying people and "the flood gates opened". She created cards for people who garden, dance, cook, crochet, and even for the performer:

And it didn't stop there. There are cards for the stylist, beautician, your tailor, photographer, book lovers, world travelers, and bloggers - no wonder why they caught my eye:

And let's not forget those awe inspiring yoga lovers, cyclicts, make-up artists, and runners:

Send a little love to someone for any reason. Let's celebrate the amazing people in our lives and honor their hobbies, careers, and passions.