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Sparkle in Your Community: Be a Good Neighbor

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Here are 10 simple ways to “sparkle” in your community, and let your light shine from within!!

1. Show appreciation, publicly. Praise someone on a blog, in front of friends, in front of family, on a sign, or in some other public way.

2. Spend time at your local shelter, soup kitchen, senior center- don’t just drop stuff off, get to know the people inside and share your stories with each other. Be an “investor” (a.k.a volunteer) at an Enchanted Makeovers event, and invest in yourself and others.

3. Clean up the park, the streets, anywhere you see trash or needed TLC, dive in and beautify your community.

4. Be a good neighbor- water their lawn, help remove snow, bring over your signature pot of soup on a cold winter day.

5. Walk a neighbor’s dog.

6. Play with children- get involved in the game of baseball, offer to be the umpire, color with a neighbor’s toddler, offer to babysit, hold a newborn baby, visit the children’s hospital. Nothing makes the soul sparkle like experiencing the world through this eyes of a child.

7. Vote in local elections, go to town meetings, contribute your special gifts and unique talents to enrich your community.

8. Share your stuff- lawn mower, bike, or car…there are always times when a neighbor could use some help but may feel awkward asking.

9. Create a community event for every season- potluck, picnic, horse and buggy rides, caroling, open-house mixer where neighbors can stop in for tea and cookies.

10. Spread good news- if you found out a neighbor had a grandchild, got a promotion, started a blog, launched a business…share this with those in your community!

Bonus Soul Sparkler!! Connect in your online community as well- contribute or comment to blogs you read, reach out to an old friend on facebook with a happy memory or random note.

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  1. Lindsay Vastola February 7, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    Jennifer – love this – it’s a great reminder to always come with a “giving hand!” and rewards will follow! thank you!

  2. Sandy Rowley February 8, 2011 at 2:02 pm

    This reminds me of what my small community was like growing up in the south.

    thank you for the great advice! ;)

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