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My Media Tour: Last Minute Valentine's Gifts with Meaning

So the past couple of days I was in New York City doing a satellite media tour. I basically went around the country (via the magic of satellite technology) talking about how to find gifts with meaning, even at the last minute this Valentine’s Day!

Here are some of the tips I shared:

Showing Love Doesn’t Have to Cost You Alot

You don’t have to spend a lot to say I love you. If you’ve been procrastinating because you don’t have the money to spend – don’t sweat it. Valentine’s Day is about love – not money! What’s more important is putting some heartfelt love and thought into the gift, and there are lots of ways you can do it.

Handmade gifts speak volumes- make your sweetie a card, like this one from Paper Source:

You can write a poem or create a special book, like this from The Grocery Shrink:

You can even give a romantic  Valentine’s Day massage, or make a “massage coupon booklet” for massages throughout the year, like this one from Elle’s Studio:

Better yet – combine all those ideas and it will make a Valentine’s Day evening to remember, without breaking the bank!

Give the Gift of an Experience

Give the gift of a romantic, memorable experience with great food and atmosphere!  I am huge fan of  “date night”, so giving the gift of an “experience” is a great way to connect!

For Valentine’s Day, buy a dinner gift card – so you can have a fantastic “date night” any time of year. You can also buy a couple of gift cards, add in some movie passes (and other “experience” gifts) and put them together in a “date booklet” , so your special someone can be excited about all of the future dates you have planned!

Recently, the hubby and I went to Bonefish Grill, and it was a FABULOUS “date night”!! The food was so fresh and delicious- it was recently named “Best Seafood” winner by ZAGAT. Their Bang Bang Shrimp and Steak and Lobster Duet are great dishes to savor and share, and boy, did we ever! We also had the Ahi Tuna Sashimi, which didn’t have a chance- it was gone in 2 minutes!! I also loved the little details that you don’t find in most restaurants, like the passed appetizers while we waited and the glow stick in my husband’s drink!! Definitely a fun and romantic night. And, you can buy Bonefish Grill gift cards online to give this “experience” to your Valentine…

Here’s a pic of Michael with the Hypnotic complete with glow stick:

One More Thing: Bonefish Grill wants to hear your best, worst and funniest date stories – for a chance to win a romantic getaway to California wine country! To enter and purchase gift cards online, check out BonefishGrill.com.

Show Love to Our Furry Family Members

Well, if you’re a pet lover – Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without showing some love for our furry family members!!  To make your pets feel special, go to PetSmart to stock up on his/her favorite toys, but add meaning by matching the toys to your favorite hobby. If you’re a baker, try the tasty-looking cupcake vinyl chew toys. Although our family’s little Yorkie seems to prefer the hot lips???

Putting a little thought into Valentine’s Day by mailing a card ahead shows your significant other that you are really thinking of him/her. So, if he/she has a dog, you can also send an edible Valentine’s Day Card! They’re made out of rawhide and trust me – the pets will love them– available exclusively at PetSmart and petsmart.com.

One More Thing!! If you don’t have a four-legged valentine this year – you can always find one in any PetSmart this Valentine’s Weekend. PetSmart is hosting its annual National Adoption Weekend to find homes for more than 17 thousand dogs, cats, and other small animals. Go together to pick out a pet to add to your family. When you choose to adopt an animal with the one you love,  you are saying “I Love You” in a much deeper way!

Commit to a Long, Healthy, Loving Life Together

Well, February may be the month for love, but it’s also National Heart Health awareness month. What better gift can you give to yourself or your loved one this Valentine’s Day than the gift of good health?

To start, give your Valentine a “wellness basket” complete with a few heart-healthy vitamins, like Nature Made Fish Oil to help protect your heart and CoQ10 to support heart muscle strength. Remember, not all supplements are created equal- I recommend and trust Nature Made brand, because of it’s high quality and USP seal.

Add in a healthy, delicious protein shake mix, like RTN’s Bionic Edge Whey. It is creamy, thick, and has no artificial sweeteners! Natural and tasty is the perfect combination. And, to make the basket even more special, create a certificate for “weekly nature walks together” or “monthly walks along the beach”.  Get out, connect, and be active together!

Giving a “wellness basket”  for both of you shows your significant other that you are in it for the long, healthy, haul together! Handwrite or type labels about what’s inside, like this one from Laziest Jane:

One More Thing! When you think about starting a vitamin regimen – you may not have a clue what vitamins or supplements you need. I love this nifty vitamin assessment tool online that gives customized vitamin plans for your needs – try it at www.vitamin.com.

The Standards Amped Up a Notch

You can always look to the Valentine’s Day favorites for inspiration: flowers and chocolates. But, I say, amp it up a notch by adding layers of meaning to your choices!

According to a recent survey – men made up for 73% of all Valentine’s day flower sales. So guys, if you are really in a bind, don’t just run for roses. Take 5 minutes to do a little Google search to find the meaning of flowers. Choose the flower from the state that you went to on your first road trip together, or the state where you first met. Handwrite a note that explains the significance of the bouquet and you’ve really showed your special someone that you are beyond thoughtful!

There are so many ways to say I love you. So, my last piece of advice add meaning to whatever you do, and don’t show up empty handed!

My media tour included:

* CBS : Iowa and Minnesota

* ABC : Michigan

* MyFamilyMyLifeNow.com

* ABC : Bakersfield, California

* FOX : Eugene, Oregon

* ABC : Charleston, South Carolina

* National : The Daily Buzz

* National : Get Connected with Conn Jackson

* CBS : Mid-Michigan

* KMAM : Omaha, Nebraska

* ABC : Mississippi

* WWYZ : Conneticut

* WB : St. Louis, Missouri

* IND : Raleigh, North Carolina

* IND : Wichita, Kansas

* Metro Networks : Seattle and National

* National : Daytime

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