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Midday Break : 5 Ways to Prepare Crackers

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Ok, so I am a “gal-on-the-go”, and so are you I’m sure. But being busy isn’t an excuse to snack on chips, right? Food is energy, and I know if I fuel my body with junk I feel it. Eat real food feel read good.

I usually like to satisfy my need for “crunch” in the form of a cracker – Wasa, even some rice cakes are tasty and light. I’ve taken to the “ak-mak” cracker- it is delicious and healthy (my favorite combination), and I have super-simple ways to make them even more delicious and even healthier…

Try some of these ideas:

1. Fresh Mozzarella, Basil, and Sundried Tomato Topper- slice it thin, and you’ll get protein, calcium, and antioxidants for a tasty pizza on a cracker

2. Apple Butter and Almond Schmear- a thin layer of apple butter and chopped almonds will do the trick, PLUS it’s all natural, packed with fiber, and oh-so-tasty

3. Hummus and Olives- a mediterranean delight! Hummus will give you fiber and great energy, and olives are a vitamin-rich food with antioxidants to boot

4. Natural Peanut Butter and Raisins- nuts are a heart-friendly food with protein and fiber, and raisins have many benefits, such as helping reduce acidity- by the way, high acidity (aka acidosis) can lead to skin diseases, hair loss, gout, heart disease, and tumors…so we need to counter it with foods that naturally reduce acidity. Oh, did I mention, this one is like a crunchy, savory, sweet bit of deliciousness?

5. Tarragon Tuna Salad- forego the bread, and use the cracker as a base for your favorite salad. Tarragon Tuna is not only good for you, it tastes good, and it is really inexpensive. For under $2, you can make this by using water-packed tuna as a base, and adding a tiny bit of mayo, a little dijon, a pinch of tarragon, lemon juice, chopped celery. Tuna has so many health benefits, after all it contains Omega-3, folic acid, B6, B12, magnesium- it has been shown to have benefits against cognitive decline, and even improves our mood! Have at it, ladies!!!

One last thing! You can find ak-mak crackers in the health section of your food store, or even online. By the way, you can use the crackers as breading for chicken or fish. Skip the breadcrumbs, and substitute with a cracker for really crunchy baked chicken and fish!!

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