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I Heart Baked Kale and Cranberries

Last week my mother made kale at Sunday dinner. It was so yummy, so I picked some up to have in the house. I decided to mix it up a bit, by baking it with cranberries and walnuts. Words can’t [...]

March 26, 2012 Blog Posts, Eat, Eat Well Featured, Food

The Joy of a Summer Salad

Ah, summer! I love hot days, bubbles in the backyard with LuLu and the Little Man, and fresh salads! The hubby surprised me the other day and made a tomato, red onion, cucumber, and mint salad drizzled with honey!!! Divine [...]

June 18, 2011 Blog Posts, Food

Ode to Simple Sauteed Mushrooms

There is really nothing like a simple sauteed vegetable. It is so easy to make, and there is a lot you can do with them- eat them alone, add to an egg scramble, fold into an omelet, top a sandwich [...]

November 8, 2010 Blog Posts, Eat, Eat Well Featured, Food

Midday Break: Avocado Spread

I went into my refrigerator and noticed some avocados in the bin. I decided to make a quick avocado spread as a healthy alternative to mustard or mayo. It’s so simple to do, and adds great flavor to sandwiches, salads, [...]

September 7, 2010 Blog Posts, Food
3 Fixes When In Need of Chocolate

3 Fixes When In Need of Chocolate

I told someone I was craving chocolate. She immediately said, “Oh, you’re going to go off today? I had a day like that last week.” Hmm. Go off what? The deep end? The ledge? The merry-go-round? Of course, I knew [...]

August 31, 2010 Blog Posts, Food

Midday Break: Frozen Mocha Made Healthy

It’s hot. It’s summer. I love coffee and chocolate. Of course, I could run to a cafe and get a 1000 calorie frozen chocolate coffee drink, but then I would be tired and crash by mid-afternoon. With 2 little ones [...]

August 20, 2010 Blog Posts, Food
Midday Break : 5 Ways to Prepare Crackers

Midday Break : 5 Ways to Prepare Crackers

Ok, so I am a “gal-on-the-go”, and so are you I’m sure. But being busy isn’t an excuse to snack on chips, right? Food is energy, and I know if I fuel my body with junk I feel it. Eat [...]

August 10, 2010 Blog Posts, Food

Secret to Creamy Carrot Soup Without Cream

Soup is so delicious, and VERY filling. My hubby makes fantastic soups, and he doesn’t even need to add heavy cream!! So, we’re talking simple. delicious. totally healthy. Doesn’t  get any better than that. Trick to get soups creamy without [...]

August 4, 2010 Blog Posts, Food