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You know how you feel when you have a stuffy head? Cold, tired, run down- not very productive…well, the same thing is true when you have a crowded head- mind filled with too much mental clutter- tired, run down, not very productive.

So, when are minds are crowded, what is it exactly that we are thinking about?

-    Money
-    Time
-    To-do Lists
-    Family
-    Friends
-    The Past
-    The Future
-    The List Goes On and On…

But, no matter what it is, I can tell you one thing we are definitely NOT thinking about:

The Present Moment.

Here’s the deal: there is infinite power in the present moment, but if we are too crowded mentally to be in the moment, we lose out on all of that power. We miss beauty. We miss life. We miss opportunity. We miss connecting.

To get back in the moment, begin by focusing on what is right immediately in front of you. Is it your paper Starbucks coffee cup? Study it. Only notice the cup- do not let your mind go anywhere else but the shape, texture, print on the cup. Pour your passion into this moment whatever this moment is, for it is all we really have. Nothing else exists but NOW.

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