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7 Balance Techniques from My Balance Book


Since balance {in the form of having all of our ducks in a row} is bunk, my ‪#‎balancebook‬ teaches 7 techniques that help us create balance from the inside-out…here is a little overview of the techniques…if you want to explore the techniques more, there are over 80,000 words {288 pages of materials} that delve way deeper into each of them in my book, Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale

Technique #1: B is for Brain Dump and Breathe
Brain Dumping is both to ‘release’ and to ‘recall’; to clear your mind, so you can listen to your heart, and so you can believe in the magnificent person you were born to be.

Technique #2: A is for Assess and Accept
Assessing is all about being honest with yourself and where you are currently in your life. It is also about gaining clarity, to know who you are and what you stand for.

Technique #3: L is for Let Go and Laugh
Letting Go is not about ‘cutting things out’ or ‘getting rid’ of stuff, but rather a powerful process of clearing debris that builds up in all of our lives, and lovingly releasing that which no longer serves us or the greater good.

Technique #4: A is for Add In and Appreciate
Adding In is a thoughtful, intentional process that frees us from being guided by subconscious, limiting beliefs and honors our innate power to make choices that are in alignment with our values that enrich our lives and the lives of others.

Technique #5: N is for Navigate and Notice Nature
Navigating is a technique that teaches us how to ‘flow’ through life, even with obstacles, re-routing when necessary, all the while with grace and focus. We use our ‘anchors’ {core values} as a compass to guide us through life and experience the JOY in the JOurneY.

Technique #6: C is for Confront and Connect
Confronting is not about creating conflict, but rather about creating peace by identifying, facing, and resolving root issues that have been weighing us down and throwing us off balance.

Technique #7: E is for Engage and Experience
Engaging means ‘plugging in’ to the present moment, to experience this miraculous gift of life by honoring every moment so we are right there with it.

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