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Super Simple, Creative, ‘n Meaningful Gift Ideas


There are lots of simple ways anyone can give a creative Valentine’s Day gift with homemade touches and lots of meaning, even if you are not-so-crafty and / or you are on a tight budget.

All of these ideas are homemade, but you don’t have to be super crafty or a Pinterest Queen to pull them off ~ the most important thing is that it is personal to the recipient and it comes from the heart…

Essential Materials for DIYers
Here are some essential materials to have in order to make handmade gifts happen- many of which you can find for a bargain at the stores, flea markets, thrift shops, or even on Craigslist!!

Rubber Stamps ‘n Ink
You can customize anything and make it super special to the recipient just by using a stamp that speaks to their heart!! Stores like Target and Michaels often carry stampers in their Dollar Spots, so keep an eye out all year long to create a whole arsenal of supplies on the cheap!! I got this paw print stamper for $1 and a mini black inkpad for a $1, too!!

Clear Glass Jars
There are so many things you can simply put in a jelly jar, like dry ingredients for your famous cookie recipe, homemade cinnamon spice butter, red hot candies, sea salts for a relaxing spa bath, assorted gumballs, folded “fortunes” on mini note cards. Be creative and make it extra special by including a note about what‟s inside. You can purchase a dozen clear glass jars for under $10 on Amazon. They are a beautiful, minimalist way to send holiday love in jar.


Brown Bags and Labels
Think of all of the wonderful things you can “brown bag” and give as a meaningful, homemade gifts: a custom Lovebird Coffee Mix blending flavors and adding a touch of cinnamon or nutmeg or cocoa powder, homemade rock sugar with a invite to have afternoon tea together, a mixed bag of buttons with ideas on how to use them (decorate lamp shades, jean pockets, make a brooch). Again, having brown bags on hand is simple, inexpensive, and can be a beautiful package for a handmade gift.


Festive Papers, Hole Punch, and Ribbon
Sharing ourselves, our stories, our passions- the best gift anyone can receive! Make a little booklet of your best recipes, add personal notes not just ingredients. Or, share your 10 life lessons, each with its own page and photo. You can create a dream journal with leading questions and blank pages then add in your favorite quotes and your own dreams. Maybe music is your fancy- write lyrics to your favorite songs and make a custom CD to go with the booklet. Put yourself into the booklet, and it‟s sure to be cherished.


Stencils, Paint, and Sponge
Having a stencil on hand can turn anything into a custom gift. You can stencil a monogram or symbol on hand towels, tees, even a decorative pillow. You can create a jewelry box, a treasure chest, a birdhouse. Or, buy a yard of fabric, stencil something and frame it for one-of-a-kind artwork. It shows the recipient you made an extra effort to create a special present.

Boxes, Ribbon, & Paper
Of course, having boxes, ribbon, and paper on hand can transform a candle, a gift card, jellybeans, even a pair of socks or gloves from ho-hum to meaningful. And think “outside the box” ; find unique containers {coffee cans, shoe boxes, carved out books, etc.), coverings, bows, and accents for each gift. Choose colors and materials thoughtfully, make the tag stand out by adding a saying, quote, or words from your own heart.


Favorite Reality Show Made Reality
Reality shows can be a favorite indulgence for people. These gift ideas are about creating an experience out of the reality show- specific ideas for some popular shows are below. Make sure your gift has the logo of the show, perhaps wrap the “clue box” in the show’s signature color, print the logo off of the show’s website, and glue to the top of the “clue box”.

For Food Network and/or Top Chef Lovers
If your best friend, spouse, or dear relative is a huge Food Network fan or Top Chef lover (or any cooking show for that matter), why not create a cooking experience for him or her? Put together a little “clue box”, maybe with a large spoon, an apron, perhaps a cookbook from his/her favorite cooking show, then give a gift certificate for a private cooking lesson, complete with a “serving party” where a few guests can taste the new chef’s creations! Spice it up even more by setting the date for the lesson and planning the small after-party, and this will definitely be a fun gift to remember.

For Dance Show Devotees
There’s something very “dreamy” about twirling around a room, even me with absolutely ZERO rhythm would love to take on the ballroom dance floor. This could be such a fun experience gift for fans of any of the dancing reality shows! Fill the “clue box” with a pair of dancing shoes or a fun scarf, maybe even make it funny by including foot cream for aching feet (for afterwards!). Dance schools often run holiday specials for single private or small group dance lessons, so check out a local studio and give the gift certificate so your friend or relative can live the dream of dancing.

Homemade Sweets with a Message
Create delicious, homemade fudge brownies or chocolate chip cookies perfect for a little sweet! Super moist and baked entirely from scratch using only the finest ingredients, make sure the baked goodies are wrapped and packaged with an message inside. To make it more meaningful, pick ingredients that have a special meaning to the recipient (Did he/she grow up with an apple tree in their yard? Make an apple tart! Was her/his favorite after school snack brownies? Bake up a batch!), and include a written card with the meaning of the gift or a favorite quote, saying or personal greeting!

The Symbolic Dream Token
There is something very powerful that happens when we share our dreams with others, and then others begin to dream for us. If someone has shared his/her dream with you, honor the dream with a symbolic token as a beautiful gift with lots of meaning.

For example, if a friend said she always wanted her own coffee shop, buy her something that would go inside- a stool, a glass countertop display platter (fill it with donuts to really create the vision), a picture that she could hang on the walls. Or, if another friend dreams of owning a home, give him a key and a “Welcome” mat. I think you get the drift.

The most important thing is to listen, and then choosing a symbolic token is simple. We must show our friends and family that we, too, believe in their dreams!

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