Thursday 01st October 2020,
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3 Things for Sunday

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Live: Playing the piano at my parent’s house. I am by no means a “pianist”, I don’t read music, but I used to play a few songs by ear. Actually remembering how to play them, and making some music was exhilarating.

Love: The Little Man is obsessed with rockets and airplanes. He ran in circles tonight with his arms spread out shouting, “Pilot to Co-pilot, Pilot to Co-pilot! I’m the co-pilot! Look, mommy and daddy, I’m the co-pilot!”

Learn: I usually stay up late and get a lot done between 10pm and midnight. Then, I wake up with the kids between 6:30-7am.  But last night, I went to sleep super early, and woke up before 5 am. I got so much done, and am getting ready to go to sleep early again tonight. I always considered myself a “night owl”, but I loved watching the sunrise, sitting on the porch in the crisp morning air, drinking coffee while doing some work. I think I have a new pattern emerging…

What are your 3 things?

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