Tuesday 31st March 2020,
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3 Things for Monday

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Live: Playing baseball with LuLu and watching her hit the ball. Amazing how fast she went from having us hold her arms to swing the bat to doing it all on her own.

Love: The Little Man made up a new game for us to play: clap, cheeks, kiss. Clap our hands, squeeze each others’ cheeks, and kiss nose-to-nose. He taught it to me like this, “Mama, cwap da hands, squeeze da cheeks, mwah the nosie.”

Learn: If you don’t ask, you won’t receive. I made about 25 phone calls today in need of different things for the Jersey City shelter event next month with Enchanted Makeovers. We still need hairdressers, lodging, gifts for the women and children in the shelter, sponsors for the event and for the dinner on day 2, as well as a very special inspirational cake. Already we’ve received discounted hotel room rate offers, handmade jewelry for the women, an art teacher willing to donate her time, and information on children’s blank coloring books. People are so kind and willing to help when you just ask.

What are your 3 things?

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