Sunday 16th December 2018,
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The Caterpillar Came Knocking

Last night while the Little Man and I were out food shopping, Michael and LuLu were on the porch. A caterpillar was crawling at Lu’s feet. According to Michael, she jumped about a mile high. She was scared, and didn’t want it to crawl up her leg. Michael explained to her that the caterpillar is her friend, and just because she’s small and furry, she needs to be loved, too.

Lu let Michael place the caterpillar in the palms of her hands. After she examined it, she noticed its beautiful and gentle nature. She talked to it for a few minutes, apologizing for her fears. She even gave her a name, “Rainbow Heart”.

When the Man and I arrived home, Lu was still holding the caterpillar. In a soft, yet ecstatic voice, she said to us, “Mommy! Brother! Meet my new friend!!” Michael had just snapped a photo of her with Rainbow Heart:

We sat on the porch for a bit longer, then finally let Rainbow Heart go. We went inside to have some dinner. She went on and on about how she was scared, but realized there was nothing to be afraid of, and how she couldn’t wait to meet more new friends.

About a half hour later, Michael went back on the porch. He called for me loudly, and as I looked up at the glass door, I was amazed. Rainbow Heart inched her way up the door, and was planted right in the center. Lu and Man danced in circles around the living room singing, “She’s back! She’s back!” We went on the porch to say hello again to her.

I started to think about caterpillars, and what they mean. Caterpillars are a symbol of the beginning stages of transformation. They symbolize preparation for growth.

Then, suddenly it dawned on Michael and I how magical it actually was for Lu and Rainbow Heart. You see, next week, our little girl is going to school for the first time. She is changing, growing, blossoming right before our eyes. I’ve been fearful, nervous, even sad at times, while also proud and excited, of course. The mixed emotions of this change surely went away Rainbow Heart came to prepare our little LuLu for her next phase of life.

There are no coincidences.

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