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Simple Ways to Spread the Spirit of Christmas

“Christmas is a time of hope, led by the light of faith.”

The holiday season is coming to a close, but there are so many simple ways to keep the spirit of Christmas alive all year long!

Here are some examples of simple acts of kindness that we can do that allow our soul to sparkle and hearts to connect with people to spread joy and truly embody the spirit of Christmas no matter what time of year it is!

* Bring a small token such as an ornament or packet of seeds to your “regulars” (i.e. the cashier at Dunkin’ Donuts, your bank teller)

* Be a blessing anonymously to a family struggling to put food on the table – put together a basket filled with items to make a full dinner (and all the supplies needed to make the dinner). Let the presentation speak your love, with the time, attention, and details you put into making it. Handwrite your family’s favorite Christmas recipe on a card.

* Purchase something to donate any chance you get- buy an extra canned good, an extra toy, an extra towel, or pair of slippers. You can also think beyond basic needs and donate something that touches the heart as well – a token with an inspirational message or something handmade.

* Bring your spare change and give it to the person at the Coin Star machine or Salvation Army stands.

* Write out Gratitude Cards with a special message to leave anonymously behind at counters, in changing rooms, at checkout lines

* Bring little bits of sweetness with you and wrap inspirational messages around them to hand out to people waiting on line, or just leave them on the counter or in fitting rooms. A small piece of dark chocolate that says “You are magnificent…” may be just the pick me up a stranger needs that will lift your spirits as well!

And most of all, remember to always be patient with yourself and others, be gentle. We do not know what others are going through- life can be difficult for us all at times. Smiles are healing, and we never know the effect we have on each other!!

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