Thursday 01st October 2020,
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It’s funny, because I have written this post 10,000 times in my heart, but last night a friend’s kind words triggered me to actually sit down and type it up. I hear on a daily basis (and I have done this myself) people giving their power away. We all do this – when we accomplish something, we often give the credit to the earthly tool(s) we used to help us.

Think about it, when someone releases weight off of their body, what’s the first question most people ask? “How’d you do it???” And the response is usually the tool, “Oh I joined X group…” or “I did X diet…” or “I hired X trainer…”

What about “I changed my life. I chose to nurture myself inside and out…”?

The same type of responses happen for almost any accomplishment. Last night, my friend (who also participated in my 30-day challenge class) sent me a message thanking me for transforming her life. I would love to take the credit, but I know I didn’t do it!! It was HER. She transformed her life. My class was a ‘tool’ perhaps, but you can’t build a house with a hammer alone – it takes the nails, the planks, and A LOT of hard work!!

We can use tools to assist us in achieving our goals, but swinging the hammer is ALL YOU!!

If you make a delicious pancake, don’t give credit to the mix – it was you beating it together, pouring it in the pan with love. If you brew an awesome cup of morning coffee, don’t credit the fact that Starbucks came out with a new flavor, it was you measuring the amount, adding the water, choosing a meaningful mug to sip it out of.

Of course, it’s important to acknowledge the ‘tools we use’ – gratitude can absolutely change our lives. But, do not give your power away – realize every accomplishment (big or small) is because of your dedication, your commitment, your faith, your belief in yourself. And, with your efforts, God can do incredible things. You get my drift.

So, today, realize how absolutely incredible you are, how magnificently you were made – OWN your power!!

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