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Sunday Brunch: Crunchy Vanilla Cinnamon French Toast

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I love french toast because it’s simple to make and there are tons of variations of it, so you don’t get bored. I think of french toast base kind of like eggs, you can use it a zillion ways and keep putting subtle twists on it. Today I am in the mood for something a little sweet and a bit more crunchy than the traditional french toast, so using a clever coating will do the trick.

I’ll start with fresh bread, right from the bakery. I am going to coat it with wheat germ, and pure vanilla extract, cinnamon, and a little almond milk to the egg bath. To keep it from getting soggy, I will forgo the maple syrup and top with a pinch of confectioner’s sugar and some fresh raspberries.

What You’ll Need (aka ingredients)

Fresh bread (all natural, non-refined)

Wheat germ


Pure vanilla extract

2 eggs

1/4 cup of almond milk

Fresh raspberries

Let’s Do It (aka the recipe)

This is so simple, but very tasty. Cut your bread in small squares (or circles if you prefer no crust and a fancier look). In a dipping bowl, create an egg bath by adding the eggs, a teaspoon of pure vanilla, a teaspoon of cinnamon, and a 1/4 cup of almond milk. Whisk together. In a separate dipping bowl, add 2 cups of wheat germ and a tablespoon of cinnamon (you want the cinnamon to layer through the french toast). First dip the bread in the egg bath on both sides, then simply roll it in the wheat germ mixture. Make sure to get a coating of the wheat germ on both sides.

In a hot coated skillet, lightly brown the bread and flip. Plate it with a pinch of confectioner’s sugar and fresh raspberries on top. Delicious!

Bonus Benefits

Fresh bread – homemade, fresh bread (non refined) provides vitamins such as niacin, fiber to help digestion, and carbohydrates that give you energy

Eggs – have lutein which is good for the eyes, protein and 9 essential amino acids which is critical for muscle maintenance and growth (muscle burns more calories at rest and protects our bones), choline which helps our brain and nervous system

Cinnamon – has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol, an anti-clotting effect on blood, has been shown to help regulate blood sugars, has been shown to relieve pain, and the scent of cinnamon has been found to boost memory and cognitive function

Pure vanilla extract – powerful antioxidant, shown to aid digestion, cures inflammation in body systems including respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous, and excretory system

Wheat germ – improves strength and increases longevity, good source of B vitamins including folic acid, improves reflexes, improves muscular energy and endurance

Almond milk – rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant, does not contain lactose so is gentle on the tummy, has little to no saturated fat

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