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A Simple Rule About Food {and Help for My Hubby’s Chip Obsession}…

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I have one pretty simple rule about food – eat real food, feel real good. I’ve written about this many times, in my book, on my blog, in my journal – at one time I even had a post-it to remind me on every cabinet door and on my refrigerator!!

I love to prepare simple, healthy, delicious meals. Using natural Ingredients became very important to me when I was threatened with borderline diabetes many years ago, and had a host of health and self-esteem issues. Before that, I was always so obsessed with calorie counts, regardless of what the “food” was actually made of. When I learned the inside-out health benefits of eating real food, I stopped with the synthetic stuff and only began eating what I could pronounce {if I knew the ingredient’s source}.

Now, I’m married, and my hubby is a “chip guy”. He loves to snack on chips with his lunch, watching the games {did I mention he’s a sports guy, too?}, and well, just about any chance he gets to crunch away, he goes for it. I make kale chips, but he is just not into them. He likes to make his own chips, but sometimes he wants the big ole bag o’ chips.

So, when my friends at Blog Frog gave me the opportunity to try Kettle Brand chips, I immediately thought of my hubby. I went to their website and SMILED when I saw this:

We’re The Real Kettle Chips. Why? Because we’ve been making great-tasting, all-natural chips since 1982. When you open a bag of Kettle Brand Potato Chips, you know you’re getting real chips made with real ingredients by real people.

I also learned that Kettle Brand is the first potato chip to be verified by the NonGMO Project. Check this out, they have:

- Absolutely nothing artificial
- No trans fats
- Non-GMO Ingredients
- No MSG
- No preservatives
- No list of ingredients you can’t pronounce
- No gluten
- Only natural colors and flavors
- Real food ingredients

So, I picked up a bag of Kettle Brand Sea Salt chips:

And then my foodie instincts started kicking in. For starters, I love a little sea salt. And a good crunch goes a long way. I immediately thought of 3 fun ways I could use the chips:

1) Salad Topper. LuLu and I love homemade Goddess dressing. We’ve been eating dark leafy greens tossed in it like crazy! LuLu loves croutons at restaurants, but I’m not a fan, so I don’t keep them in the house…well, I surprised her by crunching in a couple of Kettle Brand chips and she couldn’t get enough!!

2) Poppin’ Poppers. I began making “couscous poppers” with our cake pop maker last year, and they are always a big hit! I just season up couscous with a little garlic and rosemary, mix in mashed macadamia nut as a binder, and put a tiny, tiny bit of fresh mozzarella in the center. For the crusty outside I usually use an all-natural cracker. Well, I swapped the cracker for a Kettle Brand chip, and WOW. It was a pop of deliciousness.

3) Chick Peas and Chips Anyone? It may sound like a weird combination, but I love hummus. One thing I love more than hummus itself is a hummus burger made with chickpeas, tahini, shredded carrots, cauliflower, an egg, garlic, olive oil, and a squeeze of lemon. Adding a crushed Kettle Brand chip to the mixture just made it bind up even better, and the texture and flavor reminded me of a crab cake sans the crab!!

Of course, I only used about 6 chips in these 3 recipes – where did the rest of the bag go?! Yes, that would be, with my husband on the couch crunching away…but I feel much better knowing he’s eating something with ingredients we can pronounce and trust ;)

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Kettle Brand. All opinions and text are my own.

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