Tuesday 27th October 2020,
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My Husband Challenged Me…

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Our home is filled with plaques, frames, signs, boxes…covered in words. For example, we have things like this {which I LOVE because I actually say these exact words to my kiddos and my husband surprised me with it!}

Moon and Stars

When he bought it over a year ago, he said I should be making my own stuff. I just laughed. I mean, I do make my own cards and little crafty things, but home décor? Signs? Frames? I’m really not that crafty!! So, another year went by and we probably added at least 10 new things with words on them to decorate our home…

Last week, while shopping and drooling over yet another sign, my husband challenged me “NO MORE BUYING STUFF WITH WORDS ON IT, JENNIE!! You are a writer. You are a words girl!! USE YOUR WORDS AND MAKE YOUR OWN STUFF!!” He told me he wasn’t kidding when he said it the first time ~ and so the challenge was issued in ALL CAPS and he was firm about it this time.

Challenge accepted!!!

Project #1 transform this vegetable crate into shelving unit with words on it… #ithinkican #nowimdrawingablank


So I picked out a color that I LOVE at A.C Moore, grabbed my dollar store paint brush and sat down on my porch to paint it:

Crate Supplies

And that part was fairly simple! I brushed on the paint, and made sure to cover it all {disclaimer: I prefer it to look not perfect, that’s just how my aesthetic goes!!}:


Now here’s where I am a little challenged: which words {of all my thousands and thousands and thousands of words} to choose, and how to get the words on the crate?! So that will have to be part 2 of my post!!! But, in the meantime, if you have any suggestions, I am HAPPY to hear them!!!

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