Thursday 28th January 2021,
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Release the Labels

Most labels we place on ourselves {and others} come with baggage. It doesn’t matter if they are “positive” or “negative” – the stress of always trying to live up to a positive label is exhausting, and the weight of a negative label can hold us back from living to our fullest potential! The labels we assign ourselves {and others} transform the lens in which we view every experience, situation, and person we meet!!

Look for lessons in the labels you are using or others have used on you. Once you extract the teaching moment, release the stress and weight of the label . In everything, there is an opportunity for growth! Create a new label that allows for greatness, but will still hold you {and others} up in your highest regard when you {or others} experience challenges or moments of weakness ~ we are human beings and we need each other.

Once you have given yourself a new label that shines a light {rather than extinguishing your inner flame}, CLAIM IT!! Speak it out loud, write it down, take action and live up to the magnificent person you were born to be.


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