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7 Ways to Spread Kindness While Out and About

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Yesterday I went to Staples to get supplies for my Challenge class, and when I was paying at the register, I noticed an adorable reusable shopping bag at the counter next to mine. I asked the woman ringing me up if I could grab it, and she said, “Of course!” But, from behind I heard many loud sighs of annoyance.  I smiled at the short line and apologized, it only took me a second to grab the bag, but yet I could tell that it upset some customers waiting. I realized in that moment how fast-paced our world has become, and made a conscious note not to allow seconds to cause stress or sighing.

However, my smile caught the eye of the woman behind me, and she giggled at herself for being upset! We had a casual (and quick) exchange, and I left the store uplifted by the connection!

(And, it inspired me to post this – added bonus!!)

Many of us are running to different stores, the bank, the post office. Instead of rushing in a “fog-like” or “stressed-out” state from place to place, connect with people along the way.

Here are some examples of simple acts of kindness that we can do that allow our soul to sparkle and hearts to connect with people:

* letting the woman with just 1 item go ahead of you and your cart full of food

* asking the mother with her hands full if she needs help with opening the car door

* bringing a small token such as an garden stone or packet of seeds to your “regulars” (i.e. the cashier at Dunkin’ Donuts)

* putting your shopping cart back where it belongs

* giving the temporary seasonal help in retail stores a break & understand that they may just be learning

* conversing with people around you when lines are long

* purchasing something to donate any chance you get- buy an extra canned good, an extra toy, an extra towel, or pair of flip-flops.

What are some ways that you spread kindness and let your soul sparkle while you are out and about?


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  1. Niccole May 7, 2012 at 9:30 am

    Love this! It is what I live for!

  2. Sherri May 10, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    Love this … I do some of the things you mention, letting someone go ahead of me in line, help a mom, make conversation … I also am complimentary to someone that is very pleasant – if it’s a waiter, or someone that has helped me in a store that provided great customer service, etc – I think it makes them feel good, and it makes me feel good because they feel good!

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