Thursday 04th June 2020,
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This Life is a Gift…

We had such a beautiful Monday, it actually felt like spring! This is the time of year when we all take a look at the dust in the corners, the screens on the windows, and get to cleaning. It’s also the change of seasons that signals us to take a look at our lives, and figure out where we want to create some change of our own.

I hear from many women about the circumstances that are making it hard to create change. Trust me, I understand. But, the thing is, this life is a gift, and to appreciate it fully, we absolutely must release ourselves from the burden of our own negative thoughts.  Every single one of us is worthy, has a dream, has a talent, has something unique and profound to give to the world. So, first and foremost, regardless of past experiences or current situations, we have to believe that we have the power to co-create whatever we want for our lives!

Here are 3 ways that may help you take the “reigns” back:

1. Meditate, Even for a Minute: If prayer is speaking to God, meditation is listening. This is so powerful, and a very imperative first step, because if you are about to get in the “driver’s seat” for your life, you need direction for where you want to go! This means pushing our “ego” aside, and listening for how we can use our unique gifts and talents to serve the world.

Also, the many benefits of meditation are proven to be effective for people who practice relaxation techniques. And, even a minute of meditation goes a long way. Most of us can find a moment here or there to just clear our minds. We can close your eyes in the shower, or even in the office, and just breathe. This quick and simple relaxation is just enough to rev us up.

A clear mind helps us kick out the junk and connect with our purpose, so picture a white light and focus.

2. Live a Life “in” Motion: I think the most important thing is to feel like you are LIVING in motion, not just existing and going through the motions. Being “in” motion doesn’t mean go-go-go and missing the moments. On the contrary, it actually means being “in” the moments. So, whatever you do, do it with passion. Drink coffee and savor it. Sing in the car. Converse deeply or about everyday occurrences with your family, neighbors, friends. Make a breakfast in bed for your spouse or loved ones. Give yourself a pedicure, or go get one (be sure to turn the blackberry off!). Write in a journal, frame your favorite photos, sit in your car and enjoy a sunset, write a thank you note to your favorite childhood friend or teacher…you get my drift!

Do that which makes your soul stir, so you can live well with passion & energy!

3. Be Fearless to Move Forward: I’ve had clients tell me they feel they’ve lost control and are completely imbalanced, but fear keeps them at status quo. If you want to move forward, believe in yourself, hold strong to your faith, and surrender fear. Fear can be debilitating, because it blocks us from taking inspired risks.

One of the best ways to kick fear to the curb is by setting your intentions, taking actions, and reaching small goals. Achievements of any kind actually help build our confidence, and failures help build our character. So take that step forward, and if you happen to fall, pick yourself back up, and keep on moving! There will be a lesson or a meaning somewhere down the road that will unfold when you are aware and in tune!



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