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An Exercise to Identify Your Anchors

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September 25th was the official release date of my book, Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale! I am so grateful to everyone who is out there purchasing it, and spreading the word about it!!

After years of rejections and challenges, it was absolutely incredible to see it on the shelf in Barnes and Noble – it was a crazy, surreal moment.

One of the staff members congratulated me, and said she couldn’t wait to learn about “balance”! She was eager to read the book because she has been struggling and felt a bit “unbalanced” in her life.

The topic of “balance” is funny, though, especially when it comes to life! On the surface, you may even confuse the word “balance” with perfection. I know I did, and years ago I actually believed that “balance” meant filling the empty spaces in our lives, and fixing them immediately…which is an impossible struggle ~ boy has life taught me a lot since then!! It is quite the opposite.

Balance, in the form of having all of our ducks neatly in a row, is bunk!! Real joy isn’t something dependent on circumstance or stuff. Finding our anchor to keep us centered during life’s inevitable ups and downs is key.

An anchor is a core value – this is part of who we are. We all have anchors, but sometimes we get so caught up in life, we forget!

Over the years, I’ve identified mine. While I value many things, I have 4 ‘anchors’: faith, family, creativity, and inspiration. It took me a long time to realize that these core values would keep me centered even during life’s most turbulent ‘storms’, and when I use my anchors to both center me and guide me, my experience in the world completely changes. (By the way, we discuss more about “Navigation” in “N is for Navigate and Notice Nature)

What are your anchors?

In Chapter 2 of my #balancebook (and in Week 2 of my 30-Day BALANCE Challenge), you will begin to identify your ‘anchors’ – your core values. So…I wanted to share with you one of the TAKE ACTION exercises from this Chapter, and a long list of core values that may help you become aware and in tune with your ‘anchors’!!

TAKE ACTION (from Chapter 2 in Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale)


As always, if you have any questions, please let me know!!

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