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4 Zen Quickies to De-Stress in a Snap

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The Reality- Stress Happens

Let’s be realistic, stressful situations happen- sometimes we magnify them in our minds and sometimes they are simply out of our control. Instead of screaming at co-workers, stomping around the house, giving an unmentionable finger to the car that just cut you off (you get the drift), how does one handle these situations, especially when in the midst of them you may not have the luxury of time to meditate for hours on end?

I Asked, You Answered!

There are little things we can do that take us back to center in a snap- I call them ‘Zen Quickies’. So, I reached out to our social networks and our inspirista community simply asking, “What is your ‘Zen Quickie’? How do you de-stress?” Here are some of your amazing responses:

Zen Quickie #1: Use Your Senses for a Zen Mini Indulgence
“Walk outside, face the sun, take a deep breath and a nice full body stretch. Or a piece of dark chocolate and a hot cup of coffee works too!”
~ Lindsay Vastola, Founder of Body Project

Zen Quickie #2: Sneak Away for 2 Minute Office Zen
“My zen quickie is yoga breathing exercises. Breathe slowly in through the nose expanding your stomach first by pushing down on your diaphragm then expand your check filling your lungs. Then exhale through your mouth first contracting your c…hest then your stomach. Repeat 10 times and guaranteed you will be more relaxed.”
~ Michael Parker, Michael Parker Design

Zen Quickie #3: Enjoy the Soothing Power of Connection
“I pet my cat!”
~ Lyna Farkas, Artist and Founder of Spirit of Decorum

Zen Quickie #4: Get Out of Bed with the Earth’s Clock
“Discover the joys of early morning hours (including the chance to see beautiful sunrises). The peace of that hour along with the endless possibilities of each new day combine to boost my creativity. ”
~ Nancy Conn-Levin, Speaker – Monmouth and Ocean County Brain Tumor Support Group

Did You Know?

“Stress” is nearly impossible to define, and is very subjective. The list of ‘personal’ definitions is endless. And what’s more, even the Merriam-Webster dictionary has a hard time committing to a meaning of the word, having it listed as both a noun and a verb with (in total) 9 definitions!

Stress Effects…

If the dictionary can not define stress, we should never let it define us. The effects between the mind and body when it comes to stress are documented, real, and very dangerous affecting nearly every organ, deteriorating our bodies, and (on top of that) causing everything from clutter in our homes, going on sugar binges, to ruining relationships and falling into depression.

Writing Makes Us Happy…

Please share your ‘Zen Quickie’ tips with me! I’d love to feature you and your tips, stories, ideas…

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