Wednesday 21st November 2018,
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When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Someone Else Lemonade…


I remember years ago, whenever I had a problem, I would stew on it forever. Call up every one of my friends, ask for advice, vent, circle back and forth and up and down trying to figure out the answers. The problem would take hostage of my brain, and it [...]

April 27, 2011 inspirista Balance, Blog Posts, Diaries, Feel Grace, Find Balance Featured, Life 2

Learning from a Tightrope Walker

Today’s ‘balance’ tip is all about countering chaos with the power of grace & focus. I love watching tightrope walkers at the circus- their elegance, grace, and focus is awe inspiring. The funny thing about the circus is often we use the term “3-ring circus” to describe chaos, but in [...]

September 29, 2010 inspirista Balance, Blog Posts, Bounce, Diaries, Find Balance Featured, Life 1