Wednesday 22nd May 2019,
Inspired Girl

Kind Words…

“Balance is one of the biggest challenges for women today, but is also one of the essential ingredients to a happy, healthy life. Jennifer Tuma-Young’s book simplifies the balance conundrum that so many of us are in, and contains all the secrets, tips, and inspiration needed to live a life in balance! She is an authentic star in this category of expertise.” ~ Marta Tracey, Author, Creative Director, and Creator of The Style Networks

“Jennifer Tuma-Young knows there’s no magic pill for weight loss, and that dieting for the rest of your life isn’t the answer, either…she knows it is about more than just a number on a scale. Her insightful book identifies the underlying reasons that typical dieting mindsets fail us and provides a balanced plan for success.” ~ Diane Heavin, Co-Founder of Curves International

“Balance is the key ingredient to health, happiness and success, and there is no one who knows more about balance than Jennifer Tuma-Young. Jennifer’s book will help you strike your balance cord and you will begin to live your life from a fresh, healthy perspective.” ~ Dr. Tom Kersting, Author of Losing Weight When Diets Fail, Founder of Valley Family Counseling Center

“It’s hard not to appreciate a diet book that is not about dieting, rather it’s about creating the right type of life so that you can lose weight without counting how many almonds you put in your month or weighing your cereal. Jennifer Tuma-Young is the ultimate BusyGirl but she has taken the pen a book that is sure to be a best seller!” ~ Tamsen Fadal, Author & TV News Anchor

“Jennifer Tuma-Young truly GETS it! Just read the advanced manuscript of her new book –Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale and was fist-pumping thru it all. This is NOT a diet book – it is a journey INWARD to help you get off the dieting merry-go-round & EMBRACE SELF-LOVE & BALANCE. It touched my soul as self-care is something I’ve long struggled with.” ~ Linda Joy, Host & Best Selling Author

“Tuma-Young’s first book is not really about food; there are no calorie counts and few menus or recipes. Instead, she offers an intensive course in personal development where readers can assess their core values, bodies, definitions of success, deepest needs, and underlying causes of frustrations, the ultimate goal being to “release” weight by releasing unhealthy habits, energy-sapping obligations, limiting beliefs, and unproductive activities…all bring this vision of balance within reach.” ~ Publisher’s Weekly

“For any woman searching for a way to bring balance to her life…this is the all the help you’ll ever need. Jennifer does not preach, she does not judge…she gently takes your hand and lovingly guides you on a journey of self-discovery. She shares her hard won and down to earth life experience in a way that makes you believe you can create your own version of balance. That belief, coupled with action can change your life. She does not have a magic solution to weight issues and the book does not even share a diet plan. It goes much deeper into soul work and that is indeed where the magic of this book lies. My favorite quote from the book is: “YOU are the expert of you!” For anyone struggling with weight issues, whether physical, mental or spiritual…this book will help you drop the dead weight, find a new relationship with food and learn to soar!!!” ~ Rebecca Parsons, Blogger & Publisher

“This book is a method and aide for examining your thinking and activities so you can solve your own problems. It has positive and solid truths throughout which can help correct misguided assumptions. Practical, insightful, helpful. The author is not afraid to mention God, but neither is she in your face about Him. Well worth reading even if your weight is not a problem.” ~ Porter McShirley, Artist & Author

“Labeling this book as as a “weight loss” book simply doesn’t do this book justice. It is far more than a guide to weight loss; but a guide for finding peace in one’s life, peace with your self and finding happiness with your life…Jennifer Tuma-Young is not judgmental, nor does she talk down to you. The entire voice of the book is encouraging and uplifting. It’s as though you are hearing from a dear friend who truly wants the best for you. Jennifer knows making these changes takes time and she doesn’t push or expect you to miraculously change over night. I’ve been implementing the advice in the Balance your life Balance the Scale book and I’m finding I’m much less stressed, and happier with my life. Which it’s been proven that stress and negative outlook on life actually hinders weight loss. So with the improvement I’ve been able to actually start to lose weight again, without having to obsess over what I’m eating, or how much I’m exercising, but it’s coming off more naturally. Oh, I still have a lot of work left to do to complete the B.A.L.A.N.C.E. program; but I can see a big difference in my life just with the few items I’ve implemented thus far. I would highly recommend this book to any woman who feels overwhelmed in their life, unsatisfied, or struggling with weight loss. As I said before, it is far more than just another weight loss self help book. But one that could possibly truly transform your entire life experience.” ~ Amber, Jade Louis Designs